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Electric Laundry At BDFestival

For BDFestival 2015 in Glendalough House, Art Collective The Glow Depot transformed an old barn house into dysfunctional-electric-launderette.


Uzi- "Money 2"

Art duo Uzi let loose¬†the sequel to their hit song “Money” on Friday. “Money 2″ is just as much of a banger as the first one so do not hesitate to stream this track below. 19 more words



you are like a lover to me:

you, me,

us. I have been sitting

across from you,

time passing,

observing your move

and fall fall… 61 more words


you are a sea,

you are a pool, a lake;

I could dip in you,

for a while,

just a while,

stretch my toes,

move my legs, 67 more words

How do i tolerate myself today?

How do I tolerate myself today?

How do I tolerate my unusual urges,

My lack of conviction,

My strange dereliction for sexual gratification,

And dissociative meanderings on this app… 78 more words

sunday 3pm

Foggy brain,

Stains on these ventricles, thudding.

In front blind; behind is beside blowing raspberries, the masticated fruit collecting under the eaves, scarlet cobwebs crowding. 87 more words

swallow swallow gulp

Read it.

Listen to the words .

See what they say.

Digest the meaning.

Interpret the lexical data.

Let the fonted shapes express, release from the two-dimensional space and float in your eyes, seep into your nostrils, worm their way towards your inner drum, clamp down the soft palate as you swallow swallow gulp, the peristaltic drop of the ligature as it hits the gastric pool causing an osmotic rupture that ricochets: … 6 more words