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The night that Michal painted me with Torch light we introduced this daliesque torero.

If I were a boy I’d be trouble…

Taken by Michal Iwanowski as part of The Neon Archives (NE) project, http://www.michaliwanowski.com

I don't live here anymore (A letter to you)

So …Here’s the thing…

I don’t live here anymore.

I am not a love or work immigrant. I stayed away despite the adversity of nostalgia, foreign soils, uncertainty and rains. 468 more words

Poetry in props 2

The set is that of a bathroom. The Invited is not happy with her hair. As she brushes her hair it breaks away into the sink. 422 more words

Piazza Porto

We live at Piazza Porto.

Here often tastes like bitter, lonely, dark espresso. So I have learned to sweeten mornings with brioche dipped in warm latte. 308 more words

THE ALLEY shows now Monthly!! Next: Thursday March 5th

We’re pleased to announce that our shows at The Alley are now a monthly event!

Every first Thursday of the month at 8pm. Small venue, FREE, totally awesome and diverse bands. 10 more words

Arts And Entertainment

Poetry in props

Poetry in props.

The set is that of a spare room and is front of stage. Within the spare room there is a large window. 221 more words

Instead of selfies

… was the random carefully abandoned camera on offer from Argos or one of the pack of the disposables.

It lay there ready to be picked up by a stranger, new friend or passer by. 56 more words