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Artists Building Relationships With Art Collectors

The idiom or aphorism “God is in the details” expresses the idea that whatever you do you should do it thoroughly and completely. I like to think of such thoroughness as “leaving no stone unturned,” that is, let no detail –no matter how small — go unexamined. 875 more words

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Yelp for the Art World...What Could Go Wrong?

Art enthusiasts, collectors, artists and advisors, behold: the Yelp for art services. The first public database of art companies in the U.S. officially launched today. This can’t be bad, right? 405 more words

Art Collectors

Modern Art=Catshit

By Bart.

January 12, 2016

I have a degree in art.

I make art.

I have friends who make great art.

I love art, goddammit, but it is all gone to hell in a hand-Basquiat. 1,060 more words



“Words from HELGA AND DIEGOVOCI™, Chapter 6

“In the late 60’s we had met the Browns in #Heidelberg. They bought a very big collection of marvelous #DiegoVoci™ paintings and we became friends with them.  139 more words

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Collectors lobby to reform Italian export laws

As an art owner, you might have thought it was within your right to freely enjoy, loan or perhaps even sell your artwork. The Italian government wants you to think again. 476 more words

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     DIEGO Voci – Painting of the Week posted on AC back in October 24, 2011

“Horses Racing”, 40″ x 28″, 1960’s, Signed A. Voci

Don’t let the size of the this image deceive you, “ 190 more words