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Fostering Creativity - Part 3

Nurture your sandbox

As much as I appreciate quiet, contemplative reflection for stoking the creative fires, there’s nothing like playing in the sandbox with a group of talented friends. 533 more words


San Francisco

There is no city in the world quite like San Francisco.  I was blown away the first time I visited the city. There was culture everywhere, unique architecture that I had never seen before, and so many different types of people living the way they wanted to live. 366 more words


Public Art in Reno

Reno, as mentioned before, is a very arts-friendly community.  Being so, public art can be found throughout the city.  Much of it, like the Believe statue shown in an earlier… 267 more words



Through a partnership between Global Academic Ventures and Nevada Global Business, I recently partook in a cultural immersion class in Sydney, Australia.  Sydney is a magnificent global city, rich in culture and arts communities, with world class museums and performing arts centers around every corner.   303 more words

Art Communities

How to Get Started As A Professional Artist

I was lucky enough to be sent to a big private art school by my very loving parents for my undergraduate degree. The school, in return, promised to develop me into a professional artist – one that can make a living through pursuing a career in the arts.   320 more words



As I am wrapping up my graduate career at the University of Nevada, Reno, I am reflecting on many of the great opportunities I have had to study in foreign countries through an amazing program the school offers, … 634 more words


Janice Neill Dean, Pt 2

As previously introduced here, Janice Neill Dean is a creator of beautiful artwork that captures scientifically accurate depictions of the natural world.  She currently has an exhibition of sixty-eight pieces of botanical art and natural science illustrations on display in Greenville, Mississippi, a place where she generates great community support and feels right at home. 202 more words