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Ecstatic Aesthetics of Ecstatic Art Events

Engage as many biological POVs as possible into an art work. Appeal to the audience’s 5 senses.

A physical/memetic space could be created where each member of the audience is the hero of the narrative. 168 more words


What is the Ecstatic Theater?

The Ecstatic Theater is a group of people who honor the free will and wellbeing of all life who work together or individually to unify the world’s mythologies using applied ecstatic memetics. 344 more words


The Goode Corporation: Business Practices #1

Hire two grant writing consulting people (or two freelancers of whatever specialty). One should be experienced with a solid reputation and a reasonable price. The other should be inexperienced. 28 more words

Art Community

Creating Ecstatic Art

Convert old, life-negating memes into new, life-affirming memes and present them in the context of a mythology.

Combine the life-affirming memes found in all the world’s religions and wisdom teachings into a cohesive narrative whole. 33 more words


Ecstatic Project: Sports and The Game of Resonance

Create unisex athletic games which pull on the strengths particular to the genders and foster cooperation among partners, genders, and sexual orientations. 15 more words


Ecstatic Project: Music

Write songs that evoke ecstatic emotions of peace and inclusion. Don’t avoid evoking negative emotions but make sure you contextualize them so they are ultimately shown to be ecstatic. 134 more words


Neb Sarai in news today-Community Art

For an artist, Art becomes an involvement.

There are days,which are weird.

There are days, reaching nowhere. 

There are days, of bloom. 

Phases of doom.  173 more words