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There was tearing in the floor-boards
and night would not

forgive the ex-communicants for

walking in on it.

It was a battered forgiveness

caught up in the ceiling… 105 more words

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12 Things I Learnt During My 5-Year Experience On DeviantArt

I don’t really remember when I discovered DeviantArt, but it was surely back when people used it for playing games, since there was nothing better around. 999 more words

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where the road split 

An erroneous and inexorable
theatrical disaster has been placed

at the foot of my bed.

Where the road split

decisions had come to be made… 108 more words

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the zephyr underneath 

There were bellows from underneath the road
one night, as she walked

in her fumbling woe.

We could be so bold as to say she could hear them, 127 more words

Activist Art

to shop

NOT to attempt/

to force yourself into someone’s life of


(because) you were ‘called into question’

on your legitimacy

10,000,000,000 and 1 times. 329 more words

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An Interview with Scott Higginson of Foursquare Art

We’re happy to hear from Scott Higginson, art lover, art collector, and art dealer. Scott and his wife, Cindy, are the parents of four children, six grandchildren and live in Mesa, Arizona. 2,702 more words