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FFF 2018 Day 10 Soufra and Mama

On the closing day of this year’s FFF, Mrs. LanceAround and I decided to see Soufra. This has been a year dominated by fantastic documentaries and this film is no exception. 610 more words

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FFF 2018 Day 9 RBG and The Guilty

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the second woman ever nominated to the Supreme Court. During her 25 year tenure on the court, this shy, unassuming intellectual somehow turned into a powerful force to be recognized with–earning her the nickname of The Notorious RBG. 574 more words

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FFF 2018 Day 8, Shorts, Shorts & More Shorts

The shorts programs are always a highlight of the FFF. These films are often how aspiring filmmakers begin their careers. It’s not uncommon to discover the short was submitted as part of the requirement for graduation at one of the nation’s prestigious film schools, such as USC or NYU. 1,558 more words

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Tour This Town - Stratford

Best known for its theatre and arts culture, Stratford is a tourist hotspot with some amazing shops and delicious eateries. First settled in 1832, Stratford really began booming in 1850 when the railroad came to town and the manufacturing district really took off.  672 more words

FFF 2018 Day 7 My Indiana Muse, Tatterdemalion & Call Me Brother

My Indiana Muse
This documentary epitomizes the reason Mrs. LanceAround and I are huge fans of the FFF.

Robert Townsend is an amazing artist. One day, he encounters a box of vacation slides and becomes smitten with a woman whom he says has a “superstar quality.” Her name is Helen. 1,100 more words

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FFF 2018 Day 6--Say You Will and Won't You Be My Neighbor

Attending the FFF every day can be a mixed bag. There are days, like Day 4, where you have three incredible documentaries and you leave the theatre feeling excited; conversations flows and you realize that either you learned something you never knew or you had an experience that simply touched you in all the right places. 974 more words

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FFF Day 3 Steve & Holly Join Us For Shorts Program 4, The Last Race & Delicious Ethiopian Food

Once again our good friends Steve and Holly joined Mrs. LanceAround and I for a wonderful evening of film and food. After enjoying Shorts Program 4… 1,170 more words

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