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Appositive arrangement 

Pleased to smash these frames of


we must expose the image, framed—

the picture in question, to allow

the collection of sentiments

to run… 196 more words

Activist Art

a general complaint 

​A general complaint from a sawed-off mouth

Makes its way, makes its way

from a mouth that has nothing to say.

But, no, sir, I cannot validate that statement. 58 more words

Activist Art



It’s really hard to stay sincere.

When it’s pre-requisite fake.

It’s really hard to stay nice

when you are being constantly come at

with knives. 62 more words

Activist Art


Small-scale celebrity:

Pull one over on me.

We’re starting to sing to scream in a chorus.

We’re starting to look at each other the wrong way. 211 more words

Activist Art

the avenues reign 

The bidders would like
an appraisal

from you

of the worth of your life

in numerical value

for buying and selling and handing out medals… 334 more words

Activist Art


When it’s a matter of a dollar,
thirty cents matters more

a quarter matters more

a dime matters more.

And it’s always a matter

of a dollar… 108 more words

Activist Art