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New York City of Hopes & Dreams

With 8.5 Million people, speaking 800 languages, packed into 305 square miles, New York City is the only place that asks everyday “Are you sure you wanna live here?” For 10 years my answer was “YES!” and here’s why. 369 more words


A Home Between Heaven and Earth

Big Apples in her eyes, a Midwest Girl moves to Manhattan.

Where she meets an Italian Photographer, capturing the world in a Crimson Poetic Haze. 207 more words


Olafur Eliasson at TBA21 Augarten

Olafur Eliasson – Green Light An artistic workshop

The current exhibition by Olafur Eliasson in the Viennese art space TBA21 at Augarten is on view until 5th June 2016 and includes a programme with lectures and workshops mainly for the group that has been chosen amongst fugitives and foreign people living in Vienna however, visitors are welcome. 158 more words

Art Consultancy

Camara Obscura: A Drawing Technique

I use a Renaissance era technique, referred as ‘Camera Obscura’ at my studio. This techniques helps my students to identify lines and shadows. By looking into camera, they can easily sketch an image of the scene onto a piece of paper to create a realistic drawing. 74 more words

Art Classes

Artists, Help Me Win Some Sweet Swag Via IndieWalls

Dear Artists,

As you may know, I’m part of the Indiewalls artist community. Indiewalls is a platform that attracts private buyers and interior designers who post opportunities on their site daily. 146 more words