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If Our Neighbor Mr. Smith Caught Me Playing With An iPhone, He Would Have Mowed Over It With His Rotary

Right? Back in 1978, lazy, uninspired morons (Freud’s definition of 8 to 12 year old mentality) got mocked for being so non-disruptively apathetic. That’s why I stayed in my room many autumn days and nights dreaming by the window. 118 more words


“Every photograph is a certificate of presence.  This certificate is the new embarrassment which its invention has introduced into the family of images.

…..The important thing is that the photograph possesses an evidential force, and that it testimony bears not on the object but on time. 

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Classic corner: just profound

The Elephant Man

Year: 1980, Genre: Drama, Director: David Lynch, Running time: 2 hours and five minutes, Warnings—adult subject matter and violence

The Elephant Man profoundly treats a rarely filmed subject, deserving of our compassion, and challenges us to look beyond image and appearance. 158 more words

Being Human

September 2015 - Cloud Lover

The horizon is the sweetest of invitations, begging you to search out all possibilities if you just let yourself head off into it. There is a strong drive in each of us, I think, to look at the horizon and feel stirred by it. 343 more words


Schoolhouse Horticultural Spectacular

Tonight has been a lovely night for secrets.  The crowds were out for what was a lively and exciting opening for Secret Garden, an exhibition co-curated by Sophia Cai and Caitlin Shearer.   251 more words

Ways of Seeing: How a book on art criticism led me to mindfulness

This week I’ve been reading John Berger’s 1972 publication Ways of Seeing. This seminal work on how we perceive images and how artworks are created and ‘read’ with an eye to the cultural context of the viewer, remains relevant and insightful today – not only when thinking about art, but more broadly, in relation to the ways in which we see and portray ourselves, and the way that we are seen by those around us. 719 more words

Mind And Body

A 2014 retrospective: My film of the year

The Boxtrolls

Year: 2014, Genre: Animation, Directors: Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, Based on the novel Here Be Monsters

This family animation leaves you feeling good, but… 307 more words

Being Human