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Superscript Conference: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age

Superscript, a three-day digital media conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 28-30, convenes a diverse array of writers, editors, artists, theorists, and curators to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of arts publishing in a digital age. 86 more words

in Bergen

– spending my morning mulling over:

Musée des Beaux Arts

by W.H. Auden

About suffering they were never wrong,
The Old Masters: how well they understood…

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An Incredibly Brief Thought on Offering Criticism to an 'Artist'

Be very careful when offering someone criticism: the more they need it the less they are likely to accept it or even know what to do with it. 59 more words


Richard Prince's copy of someone else's instagram sells for $90,000: the good news, and the bad news.

I’ve written about Prince’s lame Instagram appropriation series before here, so don’t wanna’ spend too much time regurgitating my own shit (ew, that was a little graphic). 1,992 more words


Why the Elgin Marbles Should Stay in London

Last week, the Greek government declared that they will not be suing the British Museum over their prized collection of renowned sculptures, the Elgin Marbles, which once adorned the Parthenon; a Greek temple that stands as possibly ancient Greece’s greatest creation. 3,277 more words

Art Criticism

- Art in 2015 - The future is… Well, is there a future?

We are living in a liquid era, in a pool of possibilities where people are swimming with disorientation – naked, because you know, we have to face the economic crisis -. 498 more words

Contemporary Art

'This Fierce Whisper'

Initial text for ‘This Fierce Whisper’, the third of four planned pieces for The Death of Poetry. This joins the completed initial text for ‘What Does It Mean?’ and ‘From the Cave to the Mountains’. 142 more words