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X-Men Apocalypse

My films of the week are X-Men Apocalypse and Alice through the Looking Glass, but first up is X-Men. My full review is here. 41 more words


The Impossibility of Realist Art

This is a comment to the post below–rebloged from Alien Ecologies.

The ‘realism’ of the artist was never that of the scientist, even when their work drew on geometrical perspective, was colored by optics, and anatomically rendered. 278 more words


Latest reviews published

I’ve been reviewing again at Beliefnet.com and wanted to share a link to my recent posts:

Spotlight DVD movie review

Flashing back to remember 2001 and 2010


Notes on the Death of Andrew Wyeth

First of all, this is not an article on the history of the Wyeths, in particular, Andrew Wyeth, but a musing about the nature of art and art criticism. 911 more words


Critiques in Color

I recently posted about being synesthetic and discovering how I am different from normal people.  Here is the post if you are interested..   Then I discovered that Kanye West is also synesthetic as he gushed some southern-fried crappie-doo about how wonderful he is as an artist because he sees the colors of his music.   480 more words


The Migrant Madonna

Hola mi gente…
When an unelected group of vulture capitalists take control of the government, that’s called fascism anywhere else in the world. Here in the US, it’s a congressional bill with a catchy name — “Promesa.” Welcome to the reality of Puerto Rico, a colony of the United States, “land of the free.” 1,061 more words