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At the Same Time - Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney: The Archers by Sir Joshua Reynolds

‘What happened to the two brothers?’
‘They are still in the woods, throwing arrows at a target on a tree.’

The quarrel between David and Filip started when they both sat on a rock contemplating their lives. 361 more words


Mademoiselle Jeanine and Monsieur Raymond - Lunch by Kainen

A sardine and her fingers, that’s all Mademoiselle Jeanine needs for her lunch. Seated at the table of a Parisian café she savours the bits and pieces she rips from the body of the fish. 232 more words


Three Examples Of How To Take Inspiration Properly

Well, although I’ve already talked about how to take artistic inspiration before, I thought that I’d look at it from a slightly different angle today. This is mostly because taking inspiration properly usually involves creatively “reverse engineering” things that you’ve seen, albeit in a very specific way. 919 more words


Searching for a moment alone - The Avenue at Middelharnis by Meindert Hobbema

An infinity of trees, willowy and gracile scatter on the extended road which leads to the village. Sam and his dog Blum have been walking for about an hour pretending to fetch a baguette from the bakery. 323 more words


Coquette! - Lady with a Fan by Anthony van Dyck

They call her coquette! Them! The King’s court! The young and the not so young men!

She laughs at the sound of the word. Flattered, she blushes and a charming peach colour appears on both her cheeks. 346 more words


Of Verbs and Vision: William Hazlitt's Art Criticism

Nicolas Poussin: Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun (1658)

One remarkable aspect of William Hazlitt’s art criticism is how he uses verbs to invigorate  and intensify his description of artworks. 607 more words


Runaway Rant. Instagram – Tit for Tat – Spammy artists...

Sometimes I wake up and it just seems like everything is stacked against me, though not me in particular. As people like to say, “it’s not personal”. 1,895 more words