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Not as easy as it looks

I went into writing picture books knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t think it would be as challenging as it was. 122 more words

Being Human

In sum

This post attempts to bridge some of my posts on movies this week and bring some cogency to the ideas in them: a bit of context on the post, ‘the role of the movie critic’, a bit of context on the post, ‘a nite at the movies’ (about Christians and movies), and a bit of context on ‘modus’ and ‘gut reactions’ posts. 288 more words


Colby Does Marxism Today Part 1

Red and Tony interview adult entertainment worker Colby Keller about his current project, the supreme court’s gay marriage decision, and the nature of marriage in our society. 8 more words


How to lose the argument

The question of whether some art is always better underlies debates about art criticism, cultural policy and, of course, public spending. It is an important question because how it is answered is a matter of power, not taste. 463 more words


Gut reactions--a way to review, with a philosophy

As long as I have been reviewing, circa 1996, I been giving ‘em my reactions to pictures, whatever they were. 354 more words

Being Human


As I said, the role of a critic is to inform people about where he wants to take the world.
As another mode of operating as a reviewer, you are told by a Christian to give God’s reactions to a movie. 81 more words


A critical review: 'Big Eyes' tells a good story

Big Eyes (2014) is my movie of the moment, the one I have recently watched.

Big Eyes

Year: 2014, Genre: Comedy/Drama, Director: Tim Burton

Big Eyes is an interesting, important story based on “true events”. 436 more words

Being Human