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It's time to finally retire "radical"

Radical’s washed up. It’s been exploited for over a century, trotted out to justify just about anything, and finally ended up a parody of itself. In the same way… 4,772 more words


Art Criticism #Fail: Taking A Second Look At Christ

Art Criticism #Fail: Taking A Second Look At Christ

One of the problems with looking at art, let alone writing art criticism, is that it can be easy to forget the meaning of what it is that we are looking at. 886 more words


Lovely Internet Weirdness

One of the difficulties of being a humorist and trying to connect to people by being funny is that you have to compete for attention.  Cartoonists have an advantage in that they can put something together with pictures and just a few words that you can get easily and quickly and then you laugh.  73 more words


What I'm listening to: Genesis

Perhaps Genesis’ most commercial album was Invisible Touch (1986).

The Phil Collins touch is also apparent in lead vocals.

Without his compelling sound, which is almost an invisible touch in itself, then I doubt the album would be as successful as it was. 189 more words


Missing Out: In Praise of the Unlived Life

Being sceptical to psychoanalysis as a therapeutic method in cases of severe mental illness, I still believe that psychoanalytical theory has a lot to offer the fields of arts and humanities. 127 more words


What I'm listening to: Malcolm McLaren

Waltz Darling is a 1989 dance album produced and starring Malcolm McLaren, who in the 1970’s was significant in inventing the punk movement.

Waltz Darling… 176 more words


Firstly, let me say that what you’re about to read has been a long time coming. Perhaps rushed into existence by James Merrigan’s recent, unclassifiable, …

1,016 more words