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Analysis; a vital part of art criticism

Sunday: Developing an Artistic Eye and How-to Critiques

The second part of art critiques or criticism is the Analysis. Specifically, this is determining what the features suggest and deciding why the artist used such features to communicate particular ideas. 498 more words


Surface Tensions: Pavla and Lucia Sceranková at Pump House Gallery

Anything that would make me cringe has been displayed at the Pump House Gallery by Czech sisters Pavla and Lucia Sceranková. In an attempt to materialize tension, they have used real objects, film and photography as their primary means. 483 more words


Fearless Girl and the False Prophets of Wall Street

A few weeks ago the Fearless Girl appeared in Lower Manhattan. The four foot tall bronze statue of a plucky, boldly postured girl starring down the famous Wall Street Charging Bull initially caused a positive buzz on social media and has attracted so many tourists that locals are  1,195 more words

What Painting Is

I’ve just read a fascinating, eccentric, sometimes frustrating, and very passionate book called What Painting Is by James Elkins. Mr. Elkins is an art critic and historian based at the Art Institute of Chicago. 892 more words


The Studio: A Tireless, Ongoing Space: Geta Brătescu at the Camden Arts Centre

The work of Romanian artist Geta Brătescu is faceted. Every angle of it offers a new interpretation, dimension, and vision of the artist, body, and movement. 532 more words


Disclosing the Uncanny with Hanne Friis and Athar at Kristin Hjellegjerde

The art which inhabits the Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery is one of flesh and violence disguised in knitted fabrics and blown up marble. Artists Hanne Friis and Athar together complement the space by bringing organic forces to the fore. 533 more words