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Sound Video is go.

My movie blog Sound Video is up and running and for your perusal.


Dark Art for Bright People: 16 Artists

I have to face it. A lot of people don’t like my art because of the content. They say it is unpleasant! And people suggest I tone it down, and switch up my subject matter for something more peaceful or uplifting, or at least not as graphic, gross, and sometimes violent. 2,968 more words


Interestingly, my interest in criticism and post-criticality is also leading me in a very different direction: namely, when critics get it wrong. And here I’m not referring to factual errors, or some gradual reneging on a judgment of an artist. 500 more words

In the interest of disclosure, I should probably first say that what has been called ‘post critical’ has been a personal preoccupation for, well, the last three years. 949 more words

Lesser Hitchcock still entertaining

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Year: 1956, Genre: Thriller, Director: Alfred Hitchcock

I first saw this 1956 Alfred Hitchcock thriller remake at a week’s revival of Hitchcock films. 399 more words



“Radical” refers to a style of art, like “punk” labels a kind of rock – it does not mean that something is really new, innovative, or unprecedented. 502 more words



No more the torrent,
No more for us the meeting place
(Lo the fair dead!)

Ezra Pound, Threnos

At the moment I’m changing the arrangement of my drawings, watercolors, masks, photographs and ceramics. 282 more words

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