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This is the underworld. - The Isle of the Dead V by Arnold Böcklin

This is the way to the underworld.

The boatman takes the convicted to meet their fate. Together they cross lively blue waves and bright rays of light to penetrate into an abysmal landscape where the water and the sky share the same dark shades. 149 more words


Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

The retrospective of British artist Rachel Whiteread is located in a vast space on the first floor of the Tate Britain. Both acclaimed and criticized, her work is finally celebrated in an exhibition which retraces her career rather abruptly. 463 more words


King of the skies - A Greenland, or Gyr Falcon by Archibald Thorburn

The falcon stares, majestic and powerful. In the unsettling silence of the highest mountains of the world, the predator surveils its next prey from afar. Never resting, always alert, it hunts to survive and survives to ensure a legacy. 130 more words


Bodega Run: Tschabalala Self at Pilar Corrias

In the colourful background of what appear to be supermarket aisles, the characters of New York artist Tschabalala Self, shine. This new exhibition entitled Bodega Run brings Manhattan’s emblematic street landscape of corner shops, to the fore. 371 more words


Three Ecologies

‘The Three Ecologies’ by Felix Guattari originally published in 1989 is a rich and complex post-modernist piece devoted to the search of the true reasons of contemporary ecological crisis. 463 more words


The first day of summer - Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives by Fred Yates

Shovels and buckets have found their way onto the sand along with swimsuits and sunscreens. Lips are covered with a thin layer of salt coming from the waves and the air is scented with monoi vanilla. 154 more words