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Palmyra: Music + De-Mining = Russia's Beau Geste - Part I

Dear Readers:

In a previous series of posts, namely here, here, and here, we discussed the liberation, by the Syrian army, of the ancient museum-city of Palmyra, from the headchopping barbarians of ISIS; and how this represented a victory for Civilization against the forces of Barbarism. 1,047 more words

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Check out Coup de Dés on instagram

By popular demand, I’ve started up Coup de Dés on instagram. If you’ve got a mobile device, follow the account here. I like to exhaust topics here on Coup de Dés to the extent I can, but you can expect a lot more pictures and a lot less commentary on the instagram. 32 more words

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PIERRE PUVIS DE CHAVANNES: "The Sacred Grove, Beloved of the Arts and the Muses"

The art of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes developed such a reputation for the measured nature of his art that the preeminent French Realist author and critic… 883 more words

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Arts Writing in the Rust Belt

In the cities of the Rust Belt, arts writing is distinguished by how much of it there isn’t. The upper mid-west is thought of -when it’s thought of at all-by the art establishment on the coasts as a cultural backwater. 406 more words

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In conversation with The Otolith Group

Ormston House, in partnership with EVA International and Making Histories Visible, is pleased to host a conversation between The Otolith Group and Christine Eyene… 571 more words


Albert Pinkham Ryder: A Precís of a Critical Approach

Over the years, when I’ve been asked who my favorite American painter is, I have consistently and unequivocally replied with Albert Pinkham Ryder.

In the past- reaching back to my undergraduate studies- I have written critical works focused almost exclusively on continental European art. 874 more words

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Why People Hate Contemporary/Conceptual Art

Lots of people hate conceptual art. It’s really quite remarkable, and possibly unfortunate. Ostensibly, artists make art to engage, entertain, and inform people, in which case hatred is an extreme response. 12,398 more words