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Art Critique 101

On Saturday I and a group of around 30 others paid a fee to see three fine painters critique a group of mostly-amateur paintings. Paintings were lined up along the walls. 600 more words



Today, excited I was when I entered a gallery whose name I shall not mention for propriety’s sake, what I saw there was so unbelievable to me that I kid you not, I was really speechless.  878 more words


Should we see words and read art?

I invite you, the public, to post ideas, questions and comments about art. You don’t have to be an art connoisseur, an artist, a critic or even an art lover.  173 more words


My Own Glorious Retrospective (2013-2014)

Last week, the magazine published by the art school I attended arrived in the mail, bearing news and highlights of various exhibitions including this upcoming BFA show: 933 more words


The Dilemma of Honest Critique

(Warning, this is long!)

We have an interesting relationship with the rest of the world, us artists.  Pouring our time and energy into our creations and releasing them into the wild, waiting and hoping for someone, anyone really to like it :) 1,365 more words


How to give critique (and take it)

There’s a weird thing happening in most artist communities. It’s like an unwritten codex of sorts. And it states ‘Thou shalt not critique another’s work except in the most veiled and subtle of ways.’ 910 more words


art is personal

ok so you dont have to be an art expert or an art critique to appreciate and be passionate about art. it doesnt have to represent something deep or have some secret hidden meaning for it to have a high value. 301 more words