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Q: Why do you use bad photographs of comics?  I know you have a scanner.

A: I don’t want to get in trouble for .  Also I hate cracking the spine of my books.  Furthermore, laziness.

Art Critique

Dragonball vs. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 1)

The Anatomy of the Art of Dragonball Gaiden, Dragonball vs. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Previously in this series we’ve discussed at length some of the reasons why the art of Dragonball is so appealing and effective. 2,219 more words


Can you put a price tag on art? If so, what is the limit?

A couple of years ago people outside the art world were surprised to find out that some one had paid 4.3 million for an Andreas Gursky photograph titled Rhine 2 ( 761 more words

Art Criticism

What Art Is

So I just finished reading this book by Arthur C. Danto.

The painter Paul DeLaroche decreed that “Painting is dead!”  And it well should be in the advent of photography.   487 more words


Exposing Your Art

Would you want to do art that people hated? Of course not. I’m not talking about the avant grade where some people like it and some people hate it’s fringe appeal. 125 more words


Review: Slim Aarons @ The White Cloth Gallery, Leeds

The Slim Aaron’s Collection at the White Cloth Gallery depicts Slim Aaron’s fall (perhaps ‘climb’ is more apt?) through Western high-society, capturing everyday moments of the rich and famous with an intense curiosity. 371 more words


Revisiting Clarity of Form with The Joker

A reader let me know that they thought that in this post I was unfair to block out the Joker’s silhouette in the following two panels because the Joker’s white face stands out against the purple sleeve behind it. 1,427 more words

Art Critique