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So this is a game changer museum, Musee d’Orsay. More so, for this visitor, than Le Louvre where tourists take photos of tourists and the… 178 more words

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The soullessness of modern comic art…

I’ve been at the art game long enough to remember what being an artist entailed before the internet existed.

For one thing, artists used to clip pictures from magazines, books, pamphlets, and other sorts of ephemera and save them in what was usually known as a… 1,137 more words

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Thursday musings, cat stuff and the gig economy

Ended up taking a rest day yesterday, so I could cook something (that was perhaps a little too healthy) for jam night. It was a turkey & veggies, sweet potato pot pie. 607 more words

Rest Days

Embroidered Perfection

Ok so the embroidery over photos thing can seem a little gimmicky at times, an original idea picked up by hobbyists and splashed over the internet but hey if the results result, all the power to you. 51 more words

Art & Design

<YAYOI KUSAMA with Pumpkin/2010>

The show doesn’t open until March 3, 2018 (it closes on May 27), but already thousands of tickets have been sold (

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My work now for sale at iamfy

Hello it’s been a while, so busy keeping all my art shops up to date recently. Also  In the past few months got invited to sell my art at some exciting brands website one of the is iamfy check my art prints… 117 more words

Szex, szerelem, underground: kint a Rebellive zine új száma!

Biztosan láttátok, hogy az elmúlt hetekben elég nagy pörgés volt a Rebellive háza táján, melynek oka, hogy elkészült második, RENDEZVOUS hívószóra hallgató kiadványunk! A csaknem egy évig (haha) készült zine megjelenését szombat este egy kiállítással egybekötött illegálbuli keretében is megünnepeltük a MÜSZI legújabb közösségi terében, a… 414 more words