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'The Wind That Took My Breath Away' #A3 #Nude #Woman #Drawing #Pencil #Sketch #georgiewatts

A slow start, lots of sketching and scrubbings out and chuckings away and exasperation with the drawing of a left boob…anyway here’s the start of something new… 72 more words

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We live in one of North America’s finest cities – no question. In a nutshell that’s what Ms. Doria’s website ‘Celebrate Toronto’ is all about – ‘accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, latching on to the affirmitive’ as the song goes.

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Y pensar que algunos

‪#‎Like #BeSexy #Nudes ‪#Girls ‪#Lovely #‪GirlNextDoor #Erotica ‪#‎BuyOrDiy Y pensar que algunos lo llaman sobrevalorado

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Samantha Pleet + Maria Ines Gul = WhimsyCool^2

See Samantha Pleet’s  SS16 collection ,and you will know what I am talking about.

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Stained Glass Consumerism

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Laura Keeble is a London based artist who created these stained glass sculptures modeled after consumer products that are familiar world wide. Even if you’ve never had a Big Mac in your entire life you’d have to live somewhere fairly remote to have never seen the golden arches of their logo. 66 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades


            source: vogueforfashion.tumblr.com

We were never meant to fit each other.

You embodied the quick pace of busy pedestrians by the crossing
While I moved with the uneven downfall of raindrops by the car window… 110 more words