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An Italian visitor

A bonus of having the studio where the public can pop in, is that you get special days when someone really makes your heart sing.  An Italian family are staying for a week and absolutely love and appreciate what Cornwall and we are all about. 146 more words

Art Diary

Losing my marbles and finding them again 

The pressure, mostly from myself; the expectations, the doubt, the self worth, the ego. Working with the creative mind is so full of uncertainty, dipping and diving , losing focus, a mist of ideas as the mind jumps around with nothing coming to the fore. 178 more words

Art Diary

Mă preseaza dimensiunea lumii. Frumusețea ei mă umilește. Sunt un om mediocru printre cer-răsare și procese biologice ireversibile. Daca nu pot opri lumea, de ce mai sunt? 80 more words

Putting the studio together in 2 days

Last year I was lucky enough to have some space in the barn studio at Wooda Farm Holiday Park.  I was born there and my brother kindly allowed me the space for the summer months.   380 more words

Art Diary

„fata asta are draci”, 18 iunie

Art Diary

The 'It's Not Rubbish Art Show' 2

From initial meetings and planning in January, BaamFest 2015 in June was always going to be bigger and better.  We had a new location,booked a big top marquee, some great music acts and a comedy night with Kernow King. 577 more words

Art Diary

Day 14: A Boy

Finished Sketch! But how did this come to be???

Part un:

Watercolour pencil sketch at the beginning. The right eye looks a bit demented now that I look at it -__- It’s really hard to judge when your drawing…. 276 more words

Art Diary