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Ballinteer ETNS - Session 6 - Artist: Tunde Toth

13 February 2017

Assistant Arts Practitioner: Kim Jenkinson


Following on from previous conversations and sketches/mind maps in the diary we continued with a fun process of Blind Drawing: children were asked to try to draw each other (connecting to ideas of portraiture) while not looking what they are drawing – we placed a sheet of strong paper over the pencils to create `blind drawings`. 125 more words

Ballinteer ETNS - Session 4 - Artist: Tunde Toth

30 January 2017

Assistant Artist: Kim Jenkinson

Our fourth session in the school was a bit more structured and focused than the previous ones – this was necessary for this part of the process: finishing the collagraph plates, checking every piece while completing the shapes/drawings and filling remaining spaces. 45 more words

"I like to use my paintings as a mathematician uses his blackboard" - Stephen Nolan

A little Statement about the Two Larger Green Paintings that I have been painting for most of the last year….

Well what exactly are these two larger green paintings in the greater scheme of all things other than a pair of large scale oil paintings that are predominately green…. 651 more words


Residency at Ballinteer ETNS - Artist: Tunde Toth - Session 2

Session 2 – 16th January 2017

Assistant Artist: Kim Jenkinson

We started our school based sessions with Looking Back and Responding to the exhibition visit – which was a while back by now! 164 more words

Valentine's Letters

I love drawing letters…especially the BIG block kind. Not sure why but I do. BUT sometimes I get bored with the same old practice.

Yes I know I need 10,000 times before I get it right, BUT doing the same old boring letters bugs me sometimes. 241 more words

Watercolor Art

Looking back and what's next?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re not making any progress as an artist. Practice is slow and improvements can seem to take forever, if at all. 731 more words

Art Diary

Critique Your Art

Last week the challenge was to create some bouncy lettering. The holidays are here so of course I had to come up with an awesome… 284 more words

Watercolor Art