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I’m usually painting flat out this time of year as my solo exhibition slot at the Castle has always been in the spring, but this year I’m not exhibiting until August. 240 more words

Art Diary

Rainbow pencils

This is an old draft from early January that for some reason was abandoned. Fun with rainbow pencils from my sketchbook.

I need to do a big scan again before uni starts back next week.


Alien Me

For a while there, something took over me ….  BUT ….. I’m back!


Using Beach Rubbish to send a message to London

I had no idea bottle tops were such a beach pollution problem.  We have been picking them up as general plastic at the beach cleans for some time, but it wasn’t until we started seperating them, you realise the number there are and what a problem it is and of course the issue of where are the associated bottles. 210 more words

Art Diary

Auto to Manual in an afternoon's photography workshop

I might  have had a slight alterior motive in purchasing a photography workshop voucher for my son’s girlfriend, but knew she would love it and it was only a few quid extra to add an extra person to an afternoon’s landscape photography workshop with… 377 more words

Art Diary

Connecting Beach Rubbish to an Art Experience

Last year I joined an art appreciation group.  Affiliated with Tate St Ives, they  have set up several groups in cornwall which run like book clubs, but instead of books, we discuss art. 544 more words

Art Diary