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Artist Diary 1: Outlining, Scripting, and Thumbnails – My Process

I started out writing through novels and short stories. I’m in a few anthologies, but I’ve never pushed myself to publish a book. In fact, I quit writing one book I wanted to publish to pursue Final Break. 2,242 more words

Art Diary

Art Musings: Dreaming of Birds in Space

Ever since I had a blog-diary in high school, I wanted to have a series where I would talk about art… Whenever I tried to start a series I had a lot of questions: where to start, at the beginning of art history? 682 more words

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Hallelujah! I finished the script!

Its crazy to think all this started with a dream, the image of a clockwork heart in my head, a doodle, and the phrase “toy heart”. 283 more words

Art Diary

Neon Demons

Maybe my first proper post should be something about my normal work, but I’m starting this out by showing you my Neon Demons, my “odd ones out”. 467 more words