Photo Shoot with the Cafe Plenty guys

Here are a few of the photos I shot of the Cafe Plenty guys on Brighton beach a few months back (I know, I need to upload posts on my work more quickly, but this is really how busy I have been!). 335 more words


Rodney Mullen - Liminal

Rodney Mullen is a skateboarder who has been innovating and pushing the boundaries for years, not only in his tricks and the way he skates but also in the ways he presents his work. 95 more words

Art Direction

Jean Paul Gaultier - VR Experience

The rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 video has added a new weapon to our arsenal, as branded story tellers. We can create more immersive experiences that allow people to get even more involved with brands than ever before. 106 more words

Art Direction

Roland and the Lake Giant

This is a bit of a spoiler for the film, but I figure if you’re reading this, you’re one of those behind-the-scenes types who is just as interested in the process as the result.   157 more words






  1. evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.

    “his eyes were strangely compelling”

    synonyms: enthralling, captivating, gripping, engrossing, …

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Virgin Media is officially Ireland’s fastest broadband network – certified by Ookla Speedtest. This outdoor and press creative connects Virgin Media and speed in no uncertain terms. 12 more words