Stephen O'Connor – Art Director - Brown Bag Films

On Tuesday 7th November 2017, I attended a talk by Art Director Stephen O’Connor from Brown Bag Films at the Digital Arts and Media Careers Day in LIT Clonmel. 382 more words

Nedbank - I Don't Live For Money

Wow! What a meaningful, thoughtful ad from Joe Public for the revamped Nedbank Money app. Rather than focusing just on the abstraction of ‘money’ this piece shows us the great things that we can do with money – and what it means to people. 41 more words

Art Direction

The secret science behind great menu design - and more!

If there’s one job the creative guys in an ad agency love it’s designing a restaurant menu, closely followed by wine labels. Why? It’s generally a reasonably open brief, with great creative latitude – in short, they’re fun! 2,379 more words

Business Smarts

Google Pixel 2 Film

Droga5 know how to do good advertising and this piece for the new Google Pixel 2 is no exception.

We love the way they use loads of quick cuts and what feel like real people asking questions about what the phone can do (which is specifically important to this phone as it has Google Assistant built into it: An AI assistant that you speak to). 37 more words

Art Direction


Client: KBC Bank

Agency: Bossanova

Photographer: Johnny Savage

Props/set: Annabel Konig


Humans of INKspire Logo

Role: Art Director
Year: 2017

Platform: https://medium.com/inkspireorg

The Brief

Create a logo to be used on the front page of INKspire’s Medium portal page called “Humans of INKspire” and all future content. 6 more words

Art Direction