Project 3- session 1

For this project… I will have to go back to one of my firsts blog posts
“My incomplete MANIFESTO”

Based on this manifesto that I created a few time a go, I will have to create three A 2 size placards with any message or slogan or words that I want to transmit to the world. 262 more words

Level 4

Project 2- Development 2

I missed one day at University and that day I was at home but I was still doing my work…
I decided that I was working with this track: 219 more words

Level 4

Project 2- Development in class...

For this post I do not have that many pictures to show you… but basically we had to create a “box” or an initial idea for my project… you could of try drawings… filming diretly but using stop motion… 107 more words

Level 4


To start this project we had a really interesting exercise… which was:
To go outside with my phone and try to catch different sounds around you with 10 seconds each. 105 more words



A taste of the things I’ve produced in the past few years in the creative field. To keep updated on my work, check out the portfolio page in the menu. 12 more words

Tensho Mann - Character Profile


Tensho Mann is the main warrior of the group and acts as the tank or paladin of the party.

Tensho was raised in a small village on the outskirts of a major city. 283 more words