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Journal Fail

So, I wanted to do a really QUICK page in my journal…  I wasn’t really fussed about what it looked like, I just wanted to be arting in some way, so I decided that a collaged paged would be waaaaaaaaaay quicker than drawing, inking, and painting something. 309 more words


Holy Exploding Plastic Bottles, Batman!

And this is why I have “studio” clothes….

Do you ever see interviews with artists and they’re wearing regular, clean street clothes?  I’m like “Really??  C’mon on, you NEVER get paint on your clothes (or your face or in your hair)?” 128 more words


Old Journals.....

I was going through my journals the other day, and LOVED looking back at the older stuff, and being able to acknowledge that my skills ARE improving. 292 more words


Arting With Jen - Day 3 and 4

So, one of my pieces is great and one is pathetic.  Here’s the pathetic one.  I wanted to try something different, so I drew and doodled with pencil, then colored in with Watercolor Pencils, then wet the areas with water – major Ick… 62 more words


Arting with Jen - Day 1-2

And so it begins………….

We both drew Bouganvillea in a “Botanical” style.  I used watercolors

Jen used colored pencils – waaaaaaaaay harder.  Hers is not complete – this is a Work In Progress (WIP) 65 more words


Arting With Jen

Well, life is GOOD!  Once again I’ll be spending some time with Jen, and we’ll be trying to do some kind of art every day. 217 more words