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Art Everywhere

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m strongly in support of art being accessible and affordable for all (and as accessible and affordable as other forms of art are in American life.) I have also stated, on more than one occasion, that I prefer a broad definition of art and feel that the idea of art being dead is perpetuated by a small subset of older, conservative, euro-centric males who want to keep Art with a capital ‘A’ private and exclusive. 453 more words

Gold is the new dark: art trends during the next four years

I wrote a post in 2011 called “Artists in Dark Times“. Now, in this new era of irrational grudge conservatism, it seems it is time to add another update. 232 more words

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Copyright 101 for Artists

Before you read any further, you need to know the truth.

I have never practiced law in any capacity OR studied law at any length (besides a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, thank you very much). 870 more words

Art Everywhere

The Grand Journey Here screening at Hamilton Film Festival

Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N

I am very happy about this. The conceptual structure of this work is also site-specific, and to be realized depended on being screened at both the departure and arrival points—Dawson City, Yukon and Hamilton, Ontario. 199 more words

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7 Things to do in Greater Hartford before Labor Day

I don’t know about you but I’m holding onto summer with a mighty grasp. I absolutely love autumn; cute scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple picking are some of my favorite things. 587 more words