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My Own Mental Map of the World

Art on the Greene this Weekend, Richard Greene Linear Park, Arlington, Texas

. . . we each construct our own mental map of the world, its major landmarks already drawn in at birh–coded into our genes–while vast blank areas wait to be filled in from experience. 282 more words

Fostering Creativity - Part 3

Nurture your sandbox

As much as I appreciate quiet, contemplative reflection for stoking the creative fires, there’s nothing like playing in the sandbox with a group of talented friends. 533 more words


Opening Day of Art on the Greene

Fishing Memories–Now available in limited edition

In the artist, there are two men, the poet and the worker.  One is born a poet, one becomes a worker. 321 more words


Drive Dead Slow at Merge Bankside 2017

Merge Festival is back again this year! An annual art festival curated by Illuminate Productions, working in collaboration with Better Bankside, celebrating and promoting our local London artists in various art performances and immersive installations!  824 more words


Creative Foundations, Art fest weekend

Examples of fine art,

Beautiful creations and small cards.

All made by adults with special needs

or developmental disabilities.

Next post: Artist and her card design!


Prepping for the Final Weekend in Waxahachie

Honorable Mention at Paint Historic Waxahachie judging

Sold on opening night of Paint Historic Waxahachie reception

It was a good night.  The courthouse window posted above received an Honorable Mention and a gift certificate of $100 for Jack Richeson & Co. 160 more words


Waxahachie Paintings Completed

“Romanesque Redivivus”

The week has been a long grind, but I managed this afternoon to complete painting #7 and titled it “Romanesque Redivivus” since the architectural style is known as Romanesque Revival. 52 more words