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Street Art in Sevilla - Week 3

Week 3!! It is our 3rd week in Seville– and our second week in the house. The time is flying now. We are still in the process of getting all our paperwork sorted out ( registering at the Town Hall, getting residency permits, etc ….). 108 more words


Who Doesn't Love A Good Love Story?

As our readers, you all know it’s no secret how much we at The Female Gaze love the arts.

It’s also no secret just how deeply entwined love and art are; love, lust, lovers, and love stories have been popular subjects for centuries in cultures around the world. 841 more words


Is it Art?

Is it Art? Or …. am I being a mother, teacher and small business owner setting up the learning environment for the day.

Is it Art? 494 more words


Art for all

I am discovering that writing a blog is partly about clarifying my thoughts on a subject. Please excuse this post, as my thoughts are more muddled than usual. 485 more words


Art Attack in Erfurt!

This weekend was the opening event of FÖN Kunstpreis #4. This is an art exhibition, open to anyone, artist and non-artist. Any kind of artwork submissions is accepted. 284 more words

Words of Wisdom

I will never turn down meaningful words of wisdom even if they come from such an unlikely place like a shoebox.

That’s right a shoebox…but not any ordinary shoebox, a shoebox from one of my new favorite finds…Bucketfeet. 9 more words


Inclusive Sensory Art Cafe

Inclusive Sensory Art Cafe

Raising funds to open an Inclusive Sensory Art Cafe for babies, toddlers, children and people with additional sensory needs, especially Autism to develop creative thinking skills along with other life skills.

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