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Art Friday

Philip Morsberger
Chronicles // 2008-2009
Oil on canvas



The Golden Calf (Return of the Goddess) by Nina Paley

What more can I say, except that this is brilliant? Female Gods Rule, but, women… umm… not so much, even today!


BART People

Most of these sketches are from when from when I worked as a Energy Efficiency Analyst and Designer and rode BART into the city. I stopped sketching after my first year or so of working, because I coudn’t find any purpose or meaning to them. 97 more words

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125 years later, Van Gogh Still Fascinates Us

A tableau of flowers representing the face of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is revealed at Museumplein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

“July 29, 2015, is the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s death. 120 more words


The Princesses I Love

In this world inundated by princess who are waiting to be saved, I find Studio Ghibli’s “princesses” refreshingly different. 16 more words


Mimi, the Little Umbrella

“In a very busy town…

On a very busy street…

Was a very busy little umbrella store … with many fancy umbrellas!

At the very back of this umbrella store, lived a little umbrella named Mimi. 412 more words

Art+Illustration+Other Fun Stuff