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Self-Portrait with Two Circles by Rembrandt (1659-1660)

If the aim of self-portraiture is defined as the production of a painting displaying  perfect likeness to one’s physical self, Rembrandt van Rijn was a master of this medium for much of his artistic life. 414 more words

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Artistic Distortions in Perspective

This was an interesting assignment in my Perspective class:

How does the altered perspective change the feeling and sensibility of the scene?

Do you think these are purposeful, simple mistakes or negligence? 387 more words


Hannah Hoch: The Queen of Photomontage

Throughout history women have been erased from all walks of life. From physicists like Rosalind Franklin whose experimental work was critical to the discovery of DNA to politicians like Countess de Markievicz, the first woman to be elected as an MP for Sinn Fein in 1918, the talents of women are often left uncelebrated. 623 more words

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Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte - Georges Seurat

The term of neo-impressionism was invented by Félix Fénéon in 1886 when he was defending A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande-Jatte. This movement followed the principles of the impressionism: they kept the divided brushstrokes and painting on the spot, among other characteristics. 391 more words


Charioteer of Delphi - Classical art (5th century BC)

When one thinks about Greek sculpture, or Greek Art in general, I feel like one imagines only the marble sculptures. But there is another kind of sculpture that is very impressive: the bronze sculpture. 696 more words


The Scrovegni Chapel: My Moment with Giotto's Masterpiece

To enter the Scrovegni Chapel, you have to spend 15 minutes in a “environmental equilibration” chamber and video introduction before passing through two air locks into the chapel.  1,917 more words


When a painting comes home...

With movies like Monuments Men, Rape of Europa, and Woman in Gold, the stories of the Nazi looting of valuable works of art are becoming important the general public. 161 more words

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