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Declaring Independence 

Lookinf back at my primary education, I distinctly remember believing that our founding fathers knew we were going to split from Great Britain, and every one celebrated this event. 45 more words

Art History

Temple of Athena Nike - Classical period (5th century BC)


With this post on the Temple of Athena Nike, I am returning to my favorite subject: Greek Art. This temple has an eminent position since it is at the entrance of the Acropolis. 694 more words


Networks of Stone published

Networks of Stone explores the social and creative processes of sculpture production in Athens in the sixth and fifth centuries BC. Using the concept of art worlds, it analyses the contributions and interactions of all those who were in some way part of creating the sculpture set up in the sanctuaries and cemeteries of Athens. 102 more words


Portraits Styles

My years shooting young models was not a loss. I learned to shoot with different lighting set-ups. I learned how to pose models. I learned how to work with shadows. 341 more words


Sophia's Boat Style

Depicting people is one of the major challenges that I am dealing with today. For seven years I shot models — young Hoosiers who love style, clothes and their own appearance in the mirror. 430 more words


The Ray - Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin


I’ve already talked about Chardin’s art and life but this still life is his most famous work. This oil on canvas, made in 1728, is entitled The Ray. 311 more words


More research, more walking, more painting...

There will be many small watercolour paintings. I will miss my large oils but they will have to wait while I get my fill of inspiration in Europe.