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Family Resemblances

As we move closer to post-modern thought we find that philosophers, aestheticians and others shift in how to grapple with the “Art Question.” The search for an essential quality that all works of art share and that can thus be used as a benchmark to determine what is art and what is not, seems more and more outdated to thinkers in the 40’s and 50’s, and while the old concepts of universal beauty still dominate in most circles, some people are beginning to question this. 2,257 more words


‘Vanessa Bell 1876-1961’ at Dulwich Picture Gallery

This week a team from Dulwich Picture Gallery visited Charleston for the day in order to photograph objects and interiors for the upcoming exhibition ‘Vanessa Bell 1876-1961’ 220 more words

Angelica Garnett Gift

The Sutton Trust History Summer School

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to help with the implementation of this year’s Sutton Trust History Summer School, hosted by the University of Edinburgh’s History department. 577 more words

Art History

It’s been a while is the understatement of the year.

Nearly a year since I last posted. There’s no reason to harp on that now I suppose.

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Award: BAVS Research Funding Award

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been awarded a Research Funding Award from the British Association for Victorian Studies for research on my project ‘ 112 more words

Art History


Apoxyomenos by Lysippos

Apoxyomenos (the “Scraper”) is one of the conventional subjects of ancient Greek votive sculpture; it represents an athlete, caught in the familiar act of scraping sweat and dust from his body with the small curved instrument that the Romans called a strigil. 9 more words



Titian (Tiziano Vecelli), “Venus with an Organist and Cupid”, ca. 1550-1555.

The kings who once owned these works were Philip II (1556-1598) and Philip IV (1621-1665), during the era when Spain was the most powerful country in the world, with colonies on all the inhabited continents. 106 more words