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Interpreting Beethoven

Interpreting art pieces is only possible if the objective steers away from absolutes. There is not one sole feasible interpretation for a piece of art, be that of literature, painting, or music. 253 more words


A Proper British Prop: Tissot's Tartan Blanket

Among the recurring props that James Tissot used in his oil paintings, including the tiger skin, the leopard fur, certain striking gowns, and numerous wicker chairs, were fringed woolen blankets, most often one in a red tartan… 961 more words

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Being in the Material: Living & Learning Artfully

There are many theories and practices that focus on living ‘artfully,’ which means that the very act of living is a constant yearning for means of expression, and as Oscar Wilde stated, “art offers it (life) certain beautiful forms through which it may realise that energy.” We simply have to take the time to look around us, because there is already an abundance of materials and experiences for us to work with. 360 more words

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Day trip to the Met Cloisters

We’ve lived in Manhattan for nearly a year, and though we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue several times, we hadn’t ventured to their second site – the Met Cloisters, until now. 285 more words

The Model-Mistress-Muse Paradigm: Henrietta Moraes

On the 22nd of May 1931, British model, muse and memoirist Audrey Wendy Abbott known as Henrietta Moraes was born in Simla, India, where her father was stationed in the Indian Air Force. 1,081 more words

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Exploring the Global Story of Talavera in the Galleries

Two weeks ago, I gave a public talk at the museum titled The Global Story of Talavera Ceramics, which set out to trace the exchange of technology, shapes, and designs that influenced the distinctly Mexican art form of  3,086 more words

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