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Aesthetics is the interest and appreciation–notably in the eighteenth century–in the beauty of art, where the experience can be range from “ugly” to “sublime” and “beautiful.” The concept of aesthetics is interconnected with the development of wild romanticism in art and literature and political revolution, due to the fact that concepts were more metaphoric, and required a high sense of perception rather than rules and conditions. 319 more words

Art History

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Patan’s Patola – A Weaver’s Perspective

There is an old Gujarati proverb on the Patola that goes something like this – “PADI PATOLE BHAT, FAATE PAN FITE NAHI”. This roughly translates to ‘ The design laid down in patola shall never fade even when the cloth is torn.’

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The Paywall

The best things in life are free, but there are some good ones you have to pay for.

While in Vienna, I have become acutely aware of my sense of entitlement. 486 more words

Art History

Kubera in art : regent of wealth

          Kubera is the God of wealth as per Hindu mythology. He is the Dikpala or regent of the North and protector of the world. He is plump and adorned with jewels carrying a pot of money and a club. 656 more words

Art History