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A Weekend with Zoë

It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been side-lined from blogging due to my busy school schedule and getting sick for a whole week. 511 more words

Art history, archaeology and crime

Two gifts from my dear friend from studies. She knows I love good crime and she studied with me so obviously she knows I am still interested by the art and academia world, even if I no longer actively participate in it. 445 more words


The Prehistoric Painter

I’m currently teaching a series of workshops through CWC called Picture Perfect: Exploring Creative Writing through the Lens of Art History.

I’ve delivered this program several times before, but it continues to evolve. 176 more words


Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors -- Infographic

Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors

Throughout time, we have always been making art and then looking for colors to create art that was more and more realistic.   62 more words


Hispanica Lyra - Wallace Collection

Image: Hisapanica Lyra, Revista de la Sociedad de la Vihuela, no. 22, November 2016.

I have had a brief article of mine published in Hispanica Lyra (journal of the… 41 more words

Art History

Collage Is To Glue as Elmer's Is To Stick

Collage is an odd kind of art form.
For a lot of people it probably brings to mind elementary school projects that involved Elmer’s glue, safety scissors, and cutting little bits out of old National Geographic magazines while surreptitiously checking out indigenous peoples’ genitals. 282 more words