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A Debate Provider

Donald Trump

What a dude

Comes across

Rich and rude

Donald Trump

What next will he say?

On the news


Donald! Donald!

Say it again… 47 more words

Art & Illustration

The Russian Man

The Russian man

Quite an intense individual

He handed me two maps

For my open ended schedule

“You like this or you like that?”

One in Russian, one in Hebrew… 49 more words



Oh dear gracious me

I have stumbled upon a audience that I’ve boastfully managed to captivate

Where are my manners?

Where could they be?

For it was nothing I say… 82 more words

Art & Illustration

Yule Ball

Back in early December, our local Barnes & Noble store hosted a Harry Potter-themed Yule Ball event. Being the geeks that we are, we got excited… There was a casual mention of perhaps helping a friend with her baby’s costume.  220 more words

Art + Illustration