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“Out hopped three little red men...” Art by Ian Hinley

Based on the English fairy tale “Jack and His Golden Snuff-Box”…

“…he felt in his pocket, and drew the little box out. And when he opened it, out there hopped three little red men.”

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Horror & "The Weird"

“The Bear's Bad Bargain” a Punjab Folktale by Flora Annie Steele, 1894

nce upon a time, a very old woodman lived with his very old wife in a tiny hut close to the orchard of a rich man,—so close that the boughs of a pear-tree hung right over the cottage yard. 1,584 more words

Art & Illustration

“The Jewel in the Toad Queen’s Crown”—A Short Story by Jane Yolen, 2013. (TOR.com)

“The Jewel in the Toad Queen’s Crown” is a gaslight fantasy focusing on the relationship between Queen Victoria and British statesman Benjamin Disraeli. Of the pair, Yolen writes, “If that odd friendship came out of mutual admiration, mutual interests, or magic, it is not for me to say. 324 more words

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“Little Wildrose”, a Romanian Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, the things in this story happened, and if they had not happened then the story would never have been told. But that was the time when wolves and lambs lay peacefully together in one stall, and shepherds dined on grassy banks with kings and queens. 3,304 more words

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Welcome to Silver Threads & Golden Needles: Fairytales & Folklore from Around the World

Folk tales, fairytales—-the oral and written stories, the histories, the legends, the illustrations. All over the globe nations and peoples have their collected tales, passed down to generation after generation. 47 more words

Art & Illustration