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Book Review Reblog: Séance Infernale by John Skariton

Séance Infernal by Jonathan Skariton

An extraordinary debut novel—dark, fast-paced, thrilling—set in contemporary and nineteenth-century Europe, the United States, and Scotland, involving the true inventor of moving pictures; his lost film made in Edinburgh in 1888; and a shocking series of crimes terrorizing the city in present time. 318 more words

Horror & "The Weird"

DnD Character Commissions

A mother and daughter duet. Little Mira is a sweet, enthusiastic bard, Inessa a stoic but loving ranger.

A very cool DnD character with some super awesome fire powers! 45 more words

Art & Illustration

Inktober 2017

One of my favorites from 2017’s Inktober drawing prompts. Prismacolor Markers and ink

Some excerpts from 2017’s Inktober drawing prompts! The two prompts were “A fictional disease” and “Sweets”! 20 more words

Art & Illustration

“The Nail”--a Gothic Short Story by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

The Nail

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón



The thing which is most ardently desired by a man who steps into a stagecoach, bent upon a long journey, is that his companions may be agreeable, that they may have the same tastes, possibly the same vices, be well educated and know enough not to be too familiar. 7,533 more words

Horror &amp; "The Weird"

"O, Christmas Tree", a Dark Fantasy Story by Jessica Amanda Salmonson & W. H. Pugmire, Jr.

O, Christmas Tree

Jessica Amanda Salmonson & W. H. Pugmire, Jr.

Originally published in Gordon Limner’s Space & Time, #50, January 1979.


A man, whose father had recently died, travels into the “Sesqua Valley” to spend Christmas with a grandfather of which he recently became aware existed.

5,424 more words
Horror &amp; "The Weird"