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Knowledge is different than education. Knowledge is raw information open to personal interpretation while education is the shaping of that information to impose a societal convention. 132 more words

New York needs a new way to sell art

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All the people that read my blog in Spanish, now that I live in New York, that I have an ethical publishing project ( 629 more words

John Navidad

Art on the High Line. Public sculpture in New York City.

Art on the High Line.  Public sculpture in New York City.

Just back from a break away, in New York city.  Quite frankly, there’s so much to say about the place, and especially about the amazing art, public art, sculpture, public sculpture, architecture,  town planning, heritage conservation, artists, street-scapes, mood, scene and politics,  that if I tried to say even 1%, (really) – I’d be here for the next 6 months solid writing away,  while my Dublin guiding business went down the pan, and meanwhile you’d all just roll your eyes anyhow, then navigate away, asking in sadness or disgust-  … 976 more words

Travel Writing.


An awesome show at Ricco/Maresca in NYC: “Post-war America saw the rise of the erotic pulp paperback novel covers. The objective of these covers was to lure in potential buyers with the promise of sex, suspense and drama. 16 more words

Condign Art Magazine

The Art of War

As a bitch to aesthetics, I salivated over Sanaz Mazinani’s show, Frames of the Visible, at Taymour Grahne gallery in Chelsea, NYC. I’m not one for math, but the geometrical patterns lured me in like a little fish to the deep-sea angler’s beacon. 399 more words

Blue skies soon to come. Installation of Olaf Breuning’s Clouds continues. 


Love, Death, Sin and Forgiveness

Or, as Robert Indiana interpreted these human issues in many of his works, Hug, Die, Err, Eat. (Source: whitney.org)

We bussed to the Whitney to see the latest rotation of American masterworks from its collection, … 368 more words

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