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George Chapman

THE SWEEPING CURVE OF TERRACED HOUSES perched on hilltops. Precipitous steps and narrow back alleys. Reflections scribbled on wet slate roofs and rain-soaked tarmacadam. Lampposts, chimneys, television aerials, pollard trees, pithead winding gear and railway signals piercing the skyline. 2,263 more words

Art In Wales

Christopher Williams

SEVENTY YEARS AGO, Welsh historian Owen M. Edwards prophesied that one day Wales ‘would wake up to realize’ the ‘greatness’ of Christopher Williams, whose works of art would be regarded as ‘priceless treasures.’ Who is Christopher Williams? 2,047 more words

Art In Wales

William E C Morgan

THOUGH WILLIAM MORGAN WAS AWARDED THE ROME SCHOLARSHIP IN ENGRAVING on the strength of his wood engravings, it is for his copper-plate line engravings of landscapes, animals and mythological subjects made between 1925 and 1931 that he is nowadays best remembered. 2,982 more words

Art In Wales