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Where do we go next?

I’ve so enjoyed musing on the things I have seen, discovered, heard and explored over the past year or so, but the time has come to do something practical with all this knowledge. 88 more words

Art Institute

Fiber Logic

Many people are unaware of the natural fibers that are used in everyday clothing because we now have synthetic fibers and fabrics. Synthetic fabric can contain mixtures of dyes and chemicals that can potentially be harmful for the environment. 275 more words

Art Institute

The Art Institute of Chicago

Went to the Art Institute and did the typical.



What is it?

Hello, my name is Kristina Garrett, my roots originally derive from Knoxville, Tennessee and am currently a student at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. 150 more words

Art Institute

Contemplating Dry Paint

Growing up, art for art’s sake was not something I or my family valued. It was no where to be found in our lexicon.. I had a brother that could draw well and another that played the guitar but, as a whole, art was not something we as a family put much emphasis upon. 218 more words