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Finished Spread: Overgrown

Today’s art journal spread came about in under 24 hours, which is quite a feat for me to accomplish in a space of 11″ x 19″! 384 more words

Art Journaling

Dangerous Beads and Other Distractions

Bronchitis: Start of Week 4

Sometimes I wonder if the total of my existence is a practice in patience.  The Art of Waiting.  The Zen of Dealing in the Now.   388 more words

Mixed-media Art

The Universe Talks

 I get notes from the Universe almost every day.  You can too.  Find out how here

Here’s a note I received recently…

Everything you need to know, you know, and everything you need to have, you have…Never again think, “Why isn’t this working?”,  “It’s hard”, “I don’t know”, because such thoughts are like hitting the replay button for whatever you’ve just been through.  77 more words

Crooked Line Studio

Crystals & Freebies

Do you ever find yourself returning to a certain image, not because it means anything special to you, not because it’s easy to draw, not because you’ve somehow amassed a collection of it from thin air, but for reasons that you cant explain? 659 more words

Art Journaling

Rainbow Art Journal - Little Red Riding Hood

My Rainbow Art Journal has segued out of its initial black stage into a red phase, as you may have observed.  I knew that somewhere in this section an interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood would appear because she and the wolf are characters who have cropped up time and time again in my art work over the years.   261 more words