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My favourite Art Journals

I’ve always been fascinated by Art Journals. My artistic abilities lie more in the digital realm, I can’t draw to save my life, so I’m in awe of artists who produce such gorgeous Art Journals. 31 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

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The other day I was so busy running around I was just plum-tuckered out and decided to lie down for awhile. It was a beautiful day, the window blinds were open in such a way as for me to see the tree boughs while lying with my head on two pillows. 165 more words

Art Journaling

colourmepositive week 18

This week’s quote was from Julia Cameron, who wrote The artists way. The bonus challenge was to use a heart/s on the page. I suspect my heart was not quite what they were thinking of! 59 more words

colourmepositive week 17

This week’s quote was about finding your tribe. The bonus challenge was to carve a stamp, which I decided not to do. I enjoyed this because Seth Godin’s book about tribes really spoke to me some years ago, and I have found two tribes I “love hard” – artists, and librarians on Twitter. 16 more words

Finger Painting for Adults*

The term adults implies persons over the age of 18, and is not indicative of a stage of maturation.

I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty…well, with paint anyway. 481 more words


Quote of the day, and some stuff

I planned on starting this entry with the sentence, “This isn’t art related,” but when you think about it, everything we do is art related. Everything is inspiration, whether it’s something that lights a happy fire in you, or something that makes it so you need to create through the pain and give yourself a reason to live through the day. 448 more words


I've got to think over what I'm doing with this blog..

Huh.  Maybe, given enough time and space, I will have the ability to fill this blog out more fully.  (“More fully?!” you say.)  I’ve realized one thing:  this semester in Art classes has me moving a lot faster than I would prefer to.  1,037 more words