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How to make an "On The Go" easel and art box

If you are the type to like getting out and spending time being creative outside an “On The Go” easel and art box is just the thing to keep all your supplies together and give you a great work surface for any environment. 413 more words

Wood Burning

Art Materials!

Yep!  You’ll need materials for your classes this fall.

First check out the Material Archive post….and get started collecting! Then look at the required materials list for your ‘art kit’. 71 more words


Day 15: Monsters, farm animals and owls

Day 15 was incredibly productive on the work front. I realized I wouldn’t be seeing Aaron’s daughter until long after the holidays so as I was falling asleep night 14 I concocted an elaborate Christmas gift to give her today (day 16..confused?). 729 more words

LAST CHANCE! Enter to win a Liquitex Classic Starter set!

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Enter to win a Liquitex Classic Starter set valued at $54.99! It’s your last day to enter so submit your entry NOW: http://buff.ly/1DT7iIR… 12 more words

Tools That You Need In Your Art Kit - Ruler and Compass

I don’t want you to use rulers and compasses for free, artistic sketches and paintings.  But the designs and lettering that you are doing for your Nature Book are more like commercial art.   141 more words

Art Kit Tools

art journaling travel kit

While making today’s art journal entry, I shot a Vine time lapse to capture the process, and thrilled with how it turned out. Now I just wish I had been Vine-ing all of my other pages! 71 more words

Art Journaling