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Peggy Guggenheim: The Woman Behind the Art

On the 26th of August 1898, American matron and collector of the arts Peggy Guggenheim was born in New York. “Peggy Guggenheim was one of ten children-the second of three daughters-born to Benjamin Guggenheim and Florette Seligman, both second-generation members of German-Jewish families that had built their wealth in America. 902 more words


August 20 and 21 at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland

We are small but we are mighty. 27 artisans are signed up to show their handcrafted wares during the heatwave of 2016. Temperatures are forecast to be in the 100’s both days. 173 more words

34th World Congress of Art History, September 2016, Beijing

CIHA 2016 in Beijing 34th World Congress of Art History

The Chinese CIHA Committee will host the 34th World Congress of Art History in Beijing and invites art historians from all over the world to attend and discuss “Terms”. 58 more words

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The mark of African Art in the market

The stature of African art as diminished as it had seemed to be for the past decades from artistic events and eyes, is slowly entering a period of inclusion in the modern section of contemporary art.  517 more words


نظرة على سوق الأثار المصرية في الخارج

من المعروف أن تجارة الأثار في الخارج هى تجارة مشروعة مقننة لها سوق كبير في الدول الأوربية وفي الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية من جميع الحضارات القديمة على مستوى العالم سواء الأثار المصرية القديمة ، أو الأثار اليونانية الرومانية ، أو أثار العصور الوسطى ( الإسلامية) ومن بلدان الشرق الأدنى أو الشرق الأقصى (الصين – الهند) أو حتى من بلدان غرب افريقيا حيث المنحوتات الخشبية التي تنتمي للقبائل القديمة في المنطقة وهى من القطع الرائجة خاصة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية.

أثار مصر

The Daredevil of the Auction World

With contemporary art having become an important investment vehicle for the superwealthy—a profitable and fun place for the rich to park their money—collectors are no longer necessarily connoisseurs. 144 more words


Sotheby's Museum Network to Launch in August

The 13-part series The Treasures of Chatsworth is currently in production and will debut in Autumn 2016
(Photo: Sotheby’s)

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