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Exploring Still Life Paintings with fruit

Thursday: Exploring Different Types of Art

Still Life Paintings….why fruit?

Pieces of fruit is often included in still life paintings. Fruit was easy for artists to obtain and allowed for interesting color variations because of the imperfections of nature. 302 more words


A brief view of flowers in still life

Thursday: Exploring Different Types of Art

This Thursday I have decided to explore the category of still life’s but I decide to place specific requirements for the works that I will showcase this week. 431 more words


Thursday: What do these pieces have in common?

Thursday: Exploring Different Types of Art

What do these paintings have in common?

Top Left: Claude Monet (started in 1896 but due to bad weather it was only completed 1897). 463 more words


Nothing but procrastinating

I try so hard to work, but I keep procrastinating. I know I need to produce a final painting for year two, and I know I need to finish my report for my exhibition practice this week. 137 more words


Art Movement Project

On Monday, I finally re-started the one project I had planned for the year: Sampling Art Movements.

I had already started this project once, but I didn’t have a control image and ended up just copying the art styles instead of really figuring them out. 89 more words

Artist Life

Photography it is too addictive!


Now I learnt that photography is really difficult man! It is fun!

Recently in one of my classes I’ve been presented a new form of art which is known as photography and boy it is something else. 143 more words

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Rossetti and the doppelgangers

A topic that I have been interested in for some time is the idea of the doppelgänger. And I’m not the only person to be intrigued by the notion of a mysterious double and what it might mean. 452 more words