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Women In Impressionism

In honor of Mother’s Day I decided to do a special post focusing upon the women of Impressionism who are greatly overshadowed by their more famous male counterparts. 473 more words

Art Movements

Crazy Color Fauvist Landscapes

My First Graders are studying Fauvism. To explore this super fun art movement, I taught my students about the landscape.

Anatomy of a Landscape… 755 more words

1st Grade

Imperialism and Modernism

Rachel Taylor

Western Civilization

Tom Woods


Review Assignment Week 23

What does Professor McCloskey conclude regarding whether the average person in the West benefited from imperialism? 535 more words

Western Civilization

The nostalgia of prehistory.

Is ‘nostalgia’ a dirty word? Too close to sentiment? Well, if, as I believe, sentiment makes us human, it prevents all sorts of horrors. As a species we are all nostalgic for the past – I suppose it’s logically impossible to be nostalgic for anything else. 529 more words

Art & Painting

Abstract Expressionist Symmetry Masks

I presently overlap my curriculums so that my students are introduced to an art movement and then experience it again during another year of study. Like my Kindergarteners, my Second Graders are studying… 1,204 more words

2nd Grade

Creative Digital Media Production

I have submitted my project for Creative Digital Media Production. In this project I had to create weekly art movements for homework. These art movements included Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism and Pop Art. 61 more words


Art Has Consumed My Life

Ever since I was a toddler, paint was my best friend. I always managed to cover myself from head to toe in the stuff (not much has changed here by the way), and whilst growing up, art and the creativity attached to it was a huge part of my learning and personal development. 703 more words