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Hieronymous Bosch

Part of a now-dismantled triptych, this piece represents one of the Seven Deadly SIns, gluttony. Heavy with imagery, symbolism and fantastical creation, the worlds of Hieronymous Bosch were often macabre, representing common beliefs at the time. 9 more words

Art Movements

Woman Holding a Balance

Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter perhaps best known for his Girl with a Pearl Earring, painted mostly domestic interior scenes of middle class life. Active during the 1600s, his nearly photorealistic paintings provide an exacting glimpse into the everyday lives of the Dutch middle class. 102 more words

Art Movements

Alexej von Jawlensky

After a few years of military service, Russian-born Alexej von Jawlensky used his social connections to be posted to St. Petersburg, where he soon joined an influential art circle. 100 more words

Art Movements


Cyanotypes, also known as blueprints, can easily be identified by the distinctive cyan-blue ink used in the printing process. A mix of two common chemicals, potassium ferricyanide and ammonium iron (iii) citrate is applied to a receptive surface (such as paper or fabric) and left to dry in a dark place. 64 more words

Art Movements

Outsider Art

Henri Rousseau was ridiculed in his lifetime and some called him Le Douanier, a gentle jab at his profession as a toll collector (douanier is French for ‘toll collector’).  69 more words

Art Movements

Art Through My Prism

Art, particularly in its visual forms, has always been a topic of fascination for me. I could sit for hours and study a piece of painting, trying to genuinely feel every single line, marvel the beauty and reveal the artist’s thoughts and emotions concealed in the work. 380 more words


Art Movements

This week we learned about three of the major art movements which took place during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  We researched examples of  impressionism… 13 more words