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A Book Without Words: Art Deco Borders by Ted Menten

I’ve always loved the Dover Clip-Art Series Books. You can still find them at your local used book store or at on-line book stores like… 66 more words


The Dadaist Manifesto was written in 1918 but the movement’s origins were earlier, in 1916, as artists began to react against the society they felt had led them into the First World War. 604 more words

Art Movements


In Paris, the poet André Breton had been influenced by some of the ideas of the Dadaist movement but he saw a need for more positive action in questioning the values of society. 699 more words

Art Movements

Temples of Pandæmonium - Meditation

Time and the natural construct of time, do not care about you.  This is important to note.  Our solar system travels through the Milky Way at 515,000 mph, despite whatever you do within those ambitions of movement.  103 more words


Lowbrow Art and Pop Surrealism

An article in Wikipedia notes that scholarly writing on Lowbrow art is limited as there seems to be uncertainty within the mainstream art community of the legitimacy of Lowbrow as a movement. 433 more words

Art Movements

Surrealism and Free Writing

Surrealists were influenced by psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud as a way to stimulate the creative process.

André Breton was born on February 18, 1896, in Tinchebray, France. 294 more words


Exploring the art of the Group of Seven

Thursday: Exploring Different Types of Art

Today we are going to briefly discuss the Group of Seven.

The most important thing a painter can do is find a good place to sit. 800 more words