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We're all a little different; we're all a little same

The way it seems complicated to say. I bet it would’ve been a word I’d have struggled with in speech therapy. If, you know, I hadn’t dropped it after 5th grade. 439 more words

Writing Challenge

Home is Where the Art is

A weekend back at home meant a Sunday spent at my most frequented museum. With no new exhibits different from what I saw my last visit, today’s trip to the High Museum of Art was focused in the permanent section observing personal favorites as well as the museum as a work of art itself.


The food of Art.

What we paint is a product of what we think and what we think is governed by what food we serve up to our mind.  Thomas Couture (1815 – 1879) offered sound advice in his book Conversations on Art Methods (1867) when he advised the young artist to read “good books” to feed the mind, including; Shakespeare, Homer, Virgil, Moliere, Cervantes, Rousseau, Bernardin de Saint Pierre. 425 more words


Book Review: Bloody Royal Prints by Reba White Williams

Bloody Royal Prints
A Coleman and Dinah Greene Mystery #4
Reba White Williams
Tyrus Books, July 2015
ISBN 978-1-4405-8548-7

Bloody Royal Prints, the fourth book in the Coleman & Dinah series, has an interesting set up. 418 more words

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Spending the weekend with the Pope. Yes, we're best friends.

Okay, maybe that title is a little exaggerated, but still. As everybody knows, unless you live underneath a very large rock, the Pope endured a 6 day tour of the United States which included stops in DC, NY and Philly to say mass, kiss babies, bless the sick, and hopefully take some selfies with the Rocky statue. 289 more words

Law School

Educating the ignorant masses, Eli Broad style

Los Angeles has a brand new huge art museum, The Broad. I had a chance to visit it a week after it opened.

Unlike most contemporary art museums, The Broad is designed to house and display one person’s collection. 1,899 more words