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10 things around my house I like.

I thought I’d show you some of the things around my house that have value to me. Most do not have great monetary value, but do have sentimental value, or I just have an affinity for these particular objects because they speak to me in some way. 1,014 more words


Today's Adventure Begins With WordPress

This a picture of a Storyteller that I created. I love them because they represent one of my passions. Writing. Truth is, I’m writing a book. 281 more words

Woolf, Eliot, Fry and Winterson in Amsterdam

I fell in love with her once many years ago. I was young and desperate to be considered an intellectual. I was  dazzled by words and bore the weight of my Judaeo-Christian literary heritage as heavily as I could. 1,156 more words

Reading Challenge