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Today's Adventure Begins With WordPress

This a picture of a Storyteller that I created. I love them because they represent one of my passions. Writing. Truth is, I’m writing a book. 281 more words

Woolf, Eliot, Fry and Winterson in Amsterdam

I fell in love with her once many years ago. I was young and desperate to be considered an intellectual. I was  dazzled by words and bore the weight of my Judaeo-Christian literary heritage as heavily as I could. 1,156 more words

Reading Challenge

Adventures With Grandkids

I promised I’d write a post about the visit of the ankle biters. Well, one of them is a little older than that, but still young. 425 more words

Red is Cool!

Is this one of the coolest b-day presents ever?

Red the Cardinal (okay, not the most original name, but we’re still working on it) was fabricated by Jonna Faulkner under the firm guiding hand of friend and soft-sculpture mentor, Barbara Whitehill. 120 more words

Art Objects