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Being Myself

Often we find mistakes with ourselves and that is the way we are thought to be humble. But is the correct way of doing thing? … 52 more words

Art Of Living

Amor fati- the art of living

The rose never complains about the thorns that grow with it

Neither does the lotus of the muddy waters it finds itself in.

Unlike a man who would say I only want the fragrance, not the thorns… 481 more words


The Art of Living


Whenever you walk down a busy street in your city you’ll find various shops and shopkeepers trying to engage their customers showing them various products that are available for sale. 278 more words



When I am not able to make the change that I want to make in life…

When life is faced with more failures than success… 22 more words

Art Of Living

Women and Veil- When Occident and Orient meet

The idea of writing that blog post emerged from my mind since this morning, after I have finished replying to a friend’s email. However, since I am going to treat there a delicate matter in my writing, I will have to be very careful on how I will choose my words for not hurting anyone, though I am reputed for slapping people with my purposes and my too big frankness. 3,276 more words


I'm never gonna say I'm sorry for one thing: TRUTH!

Click here for the video of the clip “Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry” from Ace of Base

Never gonna say I’m sorry – Ace of Base… 2,599 more words


My Lokni's Wedding ceremony and the Elegant Monsters who assisted it

I have had the idea of writing that blog post tonight before going to bed, but I couldn’t find the proper words before to write them. 3,154 more words