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do self help books help?

Those who can, they do; those who cannot, they teach – thus goes an old maxim.

This can be a bit harsh to the teachers and coaches. 691 more words


Happy Yoga Day

Congratulations to all countrymen and every human being on our planet EARTH. Today most of the people are suffering from ONE OR MORE diseaseS, mostly are lifestyle diseases. 75 more words

Stock Market

28 wisdom from 16 prominent Indian Yogis

When the world is celebrating International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017, it is important to know about Yoga beyond just Asana and Pranayama.

We will now from their wisdom how Yoga can become life-changing engagement for the practitioners. 2,488 more words



Thyroid is a gland which is placed below the neck.Anyone at any age can get thyroid .A person who deals with stress which the body cannot intake or which the body is not used too can get thyroid.So to cure thyroid we need to take few steps .If thyroid is at an early stage it will take less time to cure whereas if it’s been a while it will take few months to cure.I will be providing few simple tips according to Diet therapy,Graphalogy,and acupressure . 409 more words

Art Of Living

Eating Patterns

Food is something that we need all the time everyday to sustain through our lives and therefore it is very important to have correct eating patterns to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 445 more words

Art Of Living