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How to be a millionaire

     Well well who doesn’t want to be a millionaire. Some millions in your bank account is not a bad thing . Does it?
    But day dreaming is easy and making it reality is not so easy. 761 more words


Be you... The world will adjust

Hi visitor, Thanks for visiting this page and get stop for a while. So first of all we all are belongs to human kind … Whoaa.. 794 more words

Art Of Living

TIME... a poem by Poonam

Time is like a sandclock
Sand slips before your eyes

People disappear from our lives
Before goodbyes

It’s only when they go
That we realise their value… 90 more words

Art Of Living

Friends Of Small Things... by Chandrima

All of us have friends. Or so we think. When we are young, we make friends very easily. The kid sitting next to us in English period becomes our friend. 1,038 more words

Art Of Living

Hail In Scotland -- Madhuparna

Let me start off with a background on why ‘hail’.

When I was small, probably as old as my daughter Sanoja now is, or perhaps some years older, we had a maid named Anjali who had a little sister called Shikha. 500 more words

Art Of Living

Swan song

Walking down the streets, I suddenly realized the growing up process of human existence. We all grow- Humans, animals, plants and even the nonliving things are determined with age factors. 410 more words

Art Interpretation

The Art of Living a Life of Caliber Part 1

Who says a life can’t be high art? I intend to make the art of living my life one of excellence. Artists, and writers from centuries past have worked to capture the hero and heroine attempting achieve their destiny, overcoming challenges at every turn, seeing results, seeing failures, and ultimately celebrating their victory. 1,088 more words

Art Of Living