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What is the art of living?

The RTCC, Indiranagar building was buried under mountain of slippers. It was yellow outside, thanks to the ever-present streetlights and lack of sun. Little unidentifiable insects buzzed around my head while I tried not to swat them away. 1,111 more words


Blame Game

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Today I am going to share a very serious topic which will definitely force the spirit of many people to think on the same. 317 more words


Is picky eating a childhood disorder? Maybe. Probably not.

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I have twin seven year-old girls. One girl eats – or will at least taste – most foods. She’s a pastanista, loves hot dogs, and happily munches on broccoli. 1,087 more words

Art Of Living

एक शण में

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Never use anyone for your sake,keep up the spirit of attitude of gratitude because always remember “life is a vicious circle”.

एक शण में बदलता है,
इंसानियत का रूप।
दिखती है उसे जब ऐशो आराम की धूप।
भूल जाता है उस रौशनी को,
जिसने उसे राह दिखाई।
बस सेहम के रहगई वो,
मगर अपने पक्ष में कुछ कह ना पाई।
राह दिखाके उसने खुद को बड़ा बनाया ,
उसका अपमान करके ऐ मानव तूने तो बस पाप कमाया।

Prerna Mehrotra


Feb 2016 International TTP (Teacher Training Program) Details

Jai Gurudev !!!
We are pleased to announce following Feb 2016 International TTP as part of World Cultural Festival Celebration at Bangalore Ashram, India : 659 more words


Dec 2015 TTP (Teacher Training Program) Details

Jai Gurudev !!!
We are pleased to announce following Dec 2015 TTP (only for Indian Candidates) at Bangalore Ashram, India :

Program Who can apply… 589 more words

and the day came

and the day came when i didn’t have to be Oprah or a social media celebrity…posting pics of my abs and smooth moves. when i didn’t have to earn money from the things that made my soul come alive, i just had to make sure i didn’t earn money doing things that make my soul die…i didn’t need to be the biggest, baddest or sexiest, just surrender to each moment like in the hands of a long-desired paramour, taste the ecstasy of life on my lips…eat with my fingers, suck the juice from the tips and laugh! 180 more words