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Oversold and Underappreciated Premise of Wine Pairing

This post is an entry for the 21st Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC19), with the theme of “Pairing”. Previous themes in the order of appearance were: Transportation, Trouble, Possession, Oops, Feast, Mystery, Devotion, Luck, Fear, Value, Friend, Local, Serendipity, Tradition, Success, Finish, Epiphany, Crisis, Choice, Variety. 854 more words


Space and time of openness

Do we ever finish something?

Recently I organised a group gathering to talk about creativity. In the interactive discussion part someone said her problem is that she feels she never finishes anything. 448 more words


The Art of Living in Society

Society is an opportunity for us to learn from one another and, through joint effort, proceed on the path of development. Developing complaint for others is an inevitable outcome of social life. 36 more words

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Fathers and Sons Nine - Do the right thing. Even when it costs.

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

I am compiling and editing my Fathers and Sons series for publication and have added a chapter about Dad’s belief that you do the right thing even if it costs you. 674 more words


सब कुछ मुझमे है

Its a bless to be born as a human being. We have a power to do anything “just need to realize the same”.

खज़ाना है मुझमे,
बस एहसास करने की देरी है,
खोज पाई जो उसको,
तो अंत में जीत मेरी है.

शेतान है मुझमे,
बस उसे समझने की देरी है।
ना मार पाई जो उसको,
तो उसके हाथो लिखी फिर हार मेरी है।

भक्ति है मुझमे,
बस करने की देरी है.
जो ना ढूंढ पाई हर जीव में ईश्वर,
तो इसमें गलती सिर्फ मेरी है।

Prerna Mehrotra

Hindi Poem

Never rely on anyone for your happiness

Learn to live on your own principles. Don’t wait someone to do anything to keep you happy. Make your own world and keep yourself happy. Don’t feel down or upset because of actions of others. 122 more words


'Celebrating Silence' by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This book contains bits and pieces from the talks of the spiritual leader who is the founder of ‘Art of Living.’ I honestly expected this book to be one of those impractical, magical and cliched books which talk about selfless and samadhi and in a way, the book does have those elements. 242 more words