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The Difficult Path of Forgiveness

Most times, out of our conditioning, we seek or render acts of forgiveness to others, and with regards to morality, this is a sweet gesture. A gesture I would so love to partake in but have found extremely difficult. 464 more words


Stay Awake : A Zen Story

No Zen student would presume to teach others till he had lived with his Master for a minimum of ten years.

Tenno, having completed his ten years of apprenticeship,acquired the rank of teacher. 110 more words


The Ultimate Time Management Program

Most of us have a vision of how we would love our lives to pan out. And to make this a reality, we make plans for the future. 457 more words


Magic Mind Blast; The healthy power of psychedelics (1st part, Introduction)

There is nothing more pleasurable as looking the face of someone in front of something new (that’s why we all love gossiping, the stoned faces of surprise). 2,310 more words


Biggest myth on' Yoga' : It's all about twisting & turning your body into insane shapes !

Is that what you too comprehend Yoga is all about? Then, this one’s just for you… Read on !

 A few decades ago, whenever my eyes fell on flashy banners and hoardings  about Yoga training classes floating on the road, I somehow averted them as not my cup of tea and had my own reasons to do so. 973 more words

Art Of Living