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Your Mantra

Every single flower is a poem,

a colourful creation of nature…and god!

You just have to gaze at it,

read and relish it

and feel all refreshed, rejuvenated! 64 more words


Robin Sharma: Trust your instincts over your intellect

This past July I was allowed into Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island. I’ll never be the same after that profound experience. No bed. Extreme conditions. 607 more words


Sri is a polite way to address someone. It is also used for Deities in Hinduism.

So, in case of humans, when Sri is used multiple times (or twice, as is the case), it should be reflective of a great politeness. 561 more words


Pink-necked Green Pigeon

The Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) have built their nest in my garden around end of Mar 2017. The nest is flimsy because it is only an assembly of some twigs, perching dangerously on one of the branches. 122 more words

Art Of Living

The second part of my warning message to mothers who have daughters: Beware of the fake friends... Especially those who will accompany you AFTER marriage!

A couple of months ago, I have written a very long blog post regarding my wedding life. It’s been very hectic for me to relate all those sad events of my life, but writing about that sad story, not only relieved me from all the demons of the past, but as some of my readers mentioned in their comments, my experience could have been a story for itself. 6,215 more words

Personal Experience


*change is the only constant* is just an another humane reason for humans to move on from their doing(s).




The first *let it go* moment is when the child has to get separated from his/her mum by cutting off the umbilical cord.