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​Story of Monk’s Self Realization

I recently read this parable of the empty boat and monk.
A monk decides to meditate alone, away from his monastery.
He takes his boat out to the middle of the lake, moors it there, … 10 more words


What I did today

Before going to bed,
Stand in front of mirror,
Light on today is shed,
Events of the day shimmer.

Another day over of my life, 203 more words


Drop the mirror, and hold the torch

So how many times have you done something without expecting to have that back.

I’m sure there will be very less such occasions. We don’t have to act like karma. 519 more words


The quest

It’s not always about loving yourself
Or to adore yourself

It’s about knowing your existence,

be it good or bad!!


A dream 

A dream of loveA dream of passion

Always ends up in desperation.

A touch of you

A feeling for you

Always ends up in a mere satisfaction



Wikipedia defines attention as a very basic function that often is a precursor to all other neurological/cognitive functions.This is deep.If attention is the precursor,it means that you can’t function naturally or logically without it. 1,053 more words


Art at AOL - Exuberance

‘If you long for a mind at rest
and a heart that cannot harden –
go find a gate that opens wide
into a secret garden’ 37 more words