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Deadpool: The Art of War Review

For me when it came to reading Deadpool, I think I started rather differently from what other people have done. I never read his own series at that point, I didn’t read any of his previous series in his older solo series or team book and I read from a mini-series that Marvel released in 2014: Deadpool’s The Art of War and I’ve been hooked on the Merc with a Mouth since then. 2,677 more words


The Art of the Scholarly Warrior

Originally posted on CharlesSledge.com

Idleness kills. Overpreparation can quickly become counterproductive. You can read copious amounts of information but if you never enact the philosophies you learn you only set yourself in the same situation if not further back. 838 more words


Ben Swann's Pizza Gate Reality Check Segment

Ben Swann gives an introduction to ‘Pizza Gate’ on CBS Atlanta.

Just a basic rundown on the subject, but it’s a good start. Swann has since cancelled an ISIS documentary he was working on and temporarily ‘gone dark’ on social media, posting the below images & captions and informing fans to ‘trust him’. 92 more words

The Art Of Negan's War & Its Chinese Roots

(WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead S07E01 below.)

Negan has come in swinging, breaking the hearts of not just the group but the audience. Negan has managed to become the most hated fictional character currently depicted on the small screen. 1,338 more words

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