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三分天下in office 2 之 战国时代 (第四十七话) 美室 - 切肉断骨 / Cut my flesh to break your bones

Seju MiShil was a villainous lady who will stop at nothing to grasp the enormous power of the Kingdom despite not of royal descent. Those who were against her perished. 181 more words

Art Of War

Before moving to India, I studied like a grad student. From the time we decided on the job change, I read everything about India, or anything written by Indians. 690 more words


It's All About The Hustle—Thanks Parents

This past spring a lot of my friends were graduating from college, as I scrolled through my social media feds all I saw was happy faces with gaps and gowns. 784 more words


iDelectus Mind Map

I skate to where the puck is going to be…not where it has been

Wayne Gretzky

Problem: American National Security & the 21st century


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American Dream

三分天下in office 2 之 战国时代 (第四十六话) Pre-Conquest Era (Part 2 of 3) – The Valley of Death

After a month hiatus, we are back..and the plot thickens.

-2 of 3 Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces-

Lordfeng instructed his trusted General to ride alongside him and they rode on for days covering many miles to a remote location before stopping at the entrance of a dark valley by nightfall. 186 more words

Art Of War

Continuum: Rush Hour

Directed By: Pat Williams
Written By: Simon Barry

War: what is it good for? (Absolutely nothing.)

It’s the only scene from Rush Hour with Jackie Chan that I’ve actually seen, so of course I had to say something about it.

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Wind Water Fire Mountain

My own tribute to one of the greatest video game characters ever created.  The four Kanjis seen on the right are from his belt that stands for “wind, wood, fire, mountain.” This is actually derived from the famous Sun Tzu and his ART OF WAR philosophies: 45 more words

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