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The Art of War

Sunzi’s The Art of War is, historically, a strategic military manual, written 2,500 years ago in feudal China, elaborating the principal considerations of conducting organised state warfare against another state. 1,200 more words


Let’s start this morning by answering this question. If doing business is like a war fight, what will you do?

Though the above question may look so funny but its not. 379 more words


Connecting Through Our Humanity; An Approach In Literary Writing

After reading this month’s article “Why We Lie” in this month’s edition of NatGeo magazine, I realized how important it is to connect not only to our readers but to others as well by illustrating our very similar human characteristics. 728 more words

The Modern Day Samurai

Eastern philosophy and religion has always been something that interests me. The first book I read related to this way back when was the Tao of Pooh… 546 more words


How to use "Art of War" to be better Software Craftsman

At the moment there are a lot of agile methodologies out there which you can use on your team and see if they are applicable to it. 2,165 more words

Software Development

Know Yourself To Do Things Better

One of my favorite lines from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is the line that talks about knowing yourself and your enemy. Basically, know yourself and your enemy, and you don’t need to worry about fighting a hundred battles. 692 more words


Wars are not won by military genius or decisive battles | Aeon Ideas

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          Individually and as communities we are waging wars everyday for what we believe in and hope for our world. 113 more words