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I got a new camera rig and one of the drawbacks of buying a new rig is that because they are fully customizable they don’t come with an instruction manual. 783 more words

The Quorum

三分天下in office 2 之 战国时代 (第四十五话) Pre-Conquest Era (Part 1 of 3) - Backing from SICCI BOD Allegiance

-1 of 3 Missing Jigsaw Pieces-

At long last, dawn of pre-Conquest era…

King: “The time has come for us to exert our influence to other regions of the world.” 96 more words

Art Of War

三分天下in office (三) Astronomy

The ability to foresee weather in advance will determine the outcome of a battle when you play it to your advantage. …

Put yourself with the wind from behind then you look at the clouds. 53 more words

Art Of War

三分天下in office (二) 盟邦 Alliance

General Ho: My lord, the high chancellor’s imperial army has been shooting thousands of arrows into our territorial waters for 2 days running, in the pretext of testing out her arrows! 242 more words

Art Of War

三分天下in office (一)

cos of Jezebel’s doing..it all comes down to this & time to put an end to your 7 years’ regime tormenting our people!

Art Of War

三分天下in office 2 之 战国时代 (第四十四话) Feng & Revenue House - 2nd Encounter / 华山论剑

“Scrap the ECI filing requirements.” (Feng to Panel of Tax Officials)…

***Applause from the crowd***

Feng: “I remember volunteering at a community centre umpteen years ago serving the public to fill up 10+ pages of their Tax Form manually. 290 more words

Art Of War

The Art of War

I began writing this blog last night after watching Game of Thrones.  It was so late that I decided to finish it during my break today. 1,754 more words