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Photo taken of me during one of the kuden sections of the 2016 Budo Ryu Kai Shinobijutsu Stealth Camp! This image was shot during the time I was explaining the differences between the Shoninki, the Ninpiden and the Bansenshukai. 64 more words

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三分天下in office 'Special' 之 The Unpublished Journal 2 Feng & Senior Pastor / Aura / 极 霸 道

Few holds this Might in the New World namely Feng’s ex-Director turned Chairman, People’s Association Mr A, his Senior Pastor D.. and lordfeng himself.

It was a chance encounter at a Global Church that Feng frequents on Sunday for the weekly sermon. 97 more words

Art Of War

三分天下in office 'Special' 之 The Unpublished Journal (Part 1 of 2) Lawyer vs CA, Feng vs BG Pte Ltd *Full Fight* / 飛天御剣流。救人の剑

Feng couldnt fathom how he was resurrected from the dead by the living God, having fell into an ambush where he was slaughtered mercilessly at the hands of the evil Audit Partner (“Heroslayer’) in cahoots with the FC (Force Commander), both graduated from the Big Four Kingdoms but who grew weary of lordfeng’s capabilities. 427 more words

Art Of War

A Lesson in The Art of War; Open Ground Becomes Desperate Ground


Today we are taking another politically driven story and gleaning some valuable lessons from it (along with seeing the obvious media bias yet again).  Take a moment to view the… 1,426 more words