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I started a blog recently about writing, and joined Instagram too, for the purposes of introducing my YA paranormal romance series Immersed to readers. But with the first book in the series (Find Me) completed and nearing publication, the art-me I’ve been either pushing back while writing, or struggling with identity issues over, has found new freedom. 195 more words

Francesca Riley's Art

the letter always bled for her for her eyes (brown as those old bottles in the medicine cabinet) bleeding words like teardrops yet without spilling onto the green tile floor those words always pure only staining the paper glossy black ink blood like muslin stuck to an old wound those words always strong yet blurred, obscure words only a scholar would find obscene… 32 more words


New beginnings

Since completing my BMA at Wintec where I majored in Contemporary Painting, my artistic journey has been a complicated one.
At tech irony was in, and I was told I didn’t have an ironic bone in my body.  76 more words

Francesca Riley's Art

The Dancer and The Dance


Cuddalore district,

Tamil Nadu, India.

House to the deity Shiva, popularly known as Nataraja in Southern India, it is a site of holy pilgrimage and artistic movement especially for dance. 375 more words


Straight From the Heart

Dilwara Temples, ensconced in the peak of Mt.Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan found in the Sirohi district bordering Gujarat in India are renowned for their sculptural aesthetics, architectural heritage and history. 532 more words