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The Pursuit Of

we real cool

we beat slow

mellow flow hold

the fluidity at a

decibel of a syllable



we street meat

in the belly… 9 more words


Self Evident

It’s not so much the truth that bothers

Truths like lies

can sometimes shift

so whether they’re spat or whispered

they’ll always unfold

It’s the lying that kicks up the brick dust… 73 more words


The Secret Explanation Of Where Poems Come From

If ever you are in the room with those

Lost in the reverie of poetry

And struggling to guide their thoughts, they close

Their seeking eyes to help them better see; 75 more words


More than an existence

For me, life has always been more than existence.

– The search for happiness through color and shape
– To discover or create something joyful or even sad, but always genuine. 33 more words