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Learning a new creative skill

Last weekend, after doing some minimising of ‘stuff’ in my house, I wanted to do something creative and different. I wanted to learn a new skill. 537 more words


Reading Into Hunger

Hunger by Florence + The Machine is here and it’s such a visual rarity. Directed by AG Rojas, who seems to be the sole visual director for the new album… 612 more words

Real in the Reel: Ethics of Authentic and Accurate in Art

Art relies much on representation, or maybe not. Aesthetics, as a discipline, has incessantly posed certain debates on the purpose and meaning of art. Such debates often place art as a matter of study within the meta-disciplines of philosophy, psychology and even science. 843 more words

Zen Travel (Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action by Frederick Franck)

Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing came to my attention in 2013, already a 20-year-old book. Since then I’ve read it a few times and it continues to speak to me. 608 more words

Book Reviews

Study Break?

What should I be doing? Studying for my 20th Century Music History midterm.
What am I doing? Learning to write rondel poetry.

But, if I use the poetry (below) as a way to discuss the artistic philosophies in this class, does it count as studying? 83 more words


Kehinde Wiley and "An Economy of Grace"

Kehinde Wiley’s “An Economy of Grace” (http://www.pbs.org/video/kehinde-wiley-economy-grace-full-episode/ ) was about African American women being posed in the same way as old Classical European portraits such as during the time of the Renaissance in England or France along with a different background of flowers. 1,761 more words


On the Rhetoric of Painting

As an emergent feature of the Sun’s energy economy, organic life is subject to entropic necessity. Life as a manifestation of necrogenic vitality is inherently entwined with death. 832 more words