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Picture this

You are not photographing what’s in front you, you are photographing your mind.

If you meet a COCK along the road kill HIM.

I take no credit for this document.  It is something I culled from three sources at least:   From a close friend of mine , the author Sheldon Kopp and a man I recently spoke with who survived the Soviet Gulags in Siberia.   814 more words


Intuition - The Essence of a Creation

What impresses in an art work are the intuitions of the creator that enable him to tame the myriad aspects of human perception.

Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life said Paulo Coelho in… 492 more words


What is art?

Art is the energy of emotion, the form of feeling and the substance of spirituality.

Quilling Tool and Paper Flowers

We all have tools but sometimes forget about them or don’t realize that they could make our crafts so much easier.  The quilling tool is one that is a great one for those of us who like rolled paper flowers, like the ones we can cut out with our Cricut or other die cutters.  130 more words

Butterfly Matchbook card

Hi everyone :-)

Today’s tutorial is for a whimsy fun fold card. I love throwing in a matchbook card when I give a set of cards away. 276 more words


Painting Without a Glass Eye.

The two-dimensional representational work of past artists has been replaced in the ‘general psyche’ of westerners by the work of the lens.  The two-dimensional image that is most acceptable in a painted medium is one that contains all the limitations of photography, which we are used to and therefore perhaps comfortable with. 926 more words