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Arvo Pärt and The Deer's Cry: Sacred Art in a Profane Age


After experimenting for much of his early career with twelve-tone serialism and dissonance and other modern techniques, for which he was of course censored by the Communist authorities in Estonia, Arvo Pärt found a much deeper history and spiritual beauty in his studies in Renaissance polyphony and religious music such as Gregorian chant. 2,278 more words



As a photographer, part of the deal is developing the ability to see photographs essentially everywhere. Make no mistake that this is an ability, an affinity, that must be cultivated. 298 more words


Easter Bunny Treat Bag

I love giving out little treats at Easter, and this bag was simple and fun to create using the Close to My Heart Easter Bunny stamp set.   477 more words


Wabi-sabi: Beyond the Obvious

There is beauty in imperfection. This is one of the “Ways of Seeing.”

“Wabi-sabi reminds us that we are all transient beings on this planet—that our bodies, as well as the material world around us, are in the process of returning to dust.

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Thought 'Poveri'

 “Art, life, politics ‘poveri’ are not apparent or theoretical, they do not believe in ‘putting themselves on show’, they do not abandon themselves in their definition, not believing in art, life, politics ‘poveri’, they do not have as an objective the process the re-presentation of life; they want only to feel, know, perform that which is real, understanding that what is important is not life, work, action, but the condition in which life, work and action develop themselves.” … 542 more words


Abstraction & Wilderness

Suggesting that painting could be for itself, an abstract painting attempting to purge all traces or afterimages of nature in order to do the work against nature: this is the proposition of the Abstractionists that sought a counter-nature in the medium. 522 more words


I don't feel like making art

I don’t remember where but recently I read a blog post this artist wrote about going through hard times emotionally and how he powered trough them and kept working. 275 more words

Art Process