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DOWN BY THE SEASIDE - the visual drama of piers, jetties and lifeguard huts.

Stick a building – any building, on the edge of the land, where it meets the sea; on a sunny day, beneath a vast dome of blue sky, and something magical happens. 70 more words

Art Photography

Hell! Is that Elle?

Essentially, photography is a form of visual, space-time distillation and isolation, especially when the subject matter is a person and / or people.

Painters such as Vermeer and Hopper achieved a similar effect in paint; that magical isolation of an instant and framing it for posterity. 72 more words

Adam Green

WATER – Nature's finest sculptor, colourist and impressionist

Wherever water merges with solid objects, either through light or physical interaction, or both, visual magic usually results. Without too much further ado, here is a series of images which reflect this fact perfectly (pun intended). 32 more words

Adam Green

WALKING AWAY – or the ephemeral nature of being

The image of someone walking away into the distance has stirred my artistic sensibilities since early adulthood. I’ve returned to the subject photographically and in paint pretty regularly since about 1979, from when the first picture presented here dates (Astrud at Tel Hai). 267 more words

Art Photography

Winter frost 1

Frost bitten! 

Borstbäcken, Skåne, Sweden in January 2017.

HB Jansson Photography

Delicate and strong. Dreams and travels. Kitamura and Araki.

Mika Kitamura: capturing ephemeral beauty

Over a year and a half ago I started following Mika Kitamura in Facebook. I do not remember how I came across her work, but I remember staring at her photographs feeling overwhelmed, finding myself lost and located at the same time in the middle of Kitamura’s transience, absence, dream-like images. 672 more words

Art Photography

Families, emotions and new media. On John Clang.

“Being together” while apart. Transnational families and new media.

In the course of my investigation about family photography today, I have explored the work of several artists. 958 more words

Art Photography