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Faces at the Mashall Field's Coffee House in Chicago — 2C's Fine Art and Photography Blog

faces at the chicago coffee houseTo set the scene it’s Chicago, end of January beginning of February. I do not know how many people walk downtown there at that time of the year but its normally brutally windy hence “the windy city” tag everyone has given it.

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“huddle.” by @tofuvi

Print available at http://bit.ly/2ag6y6I


“Peace begins with a smile” by @siddick49

Print available at http://bit.ly/2aaVA4C


Your artist 401k Plan — 2C's Fine Art and Photography Blog

Retirement for many artistsMany artists do not plan for the future. That is they do not invest in a traditional retirement program such as an IRA, 401k, 403b and the like.

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“The Devil in the Details” by @anamericanghost

Print available at http://bit.ly/2avpl3Y


“Belly Button” by Yuki Takahashi

Print available at http://bit.ly/2axi9AS