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Basted and ready to go

This is what I do when I don’t know what to do next. I looked over my pile of partially completed pieces and rather than work on any of them, I basted a few more to get started on! 220 more words


Cranwell Quilt Show 2016....

This weekend the two Cranwell groups, Crafty Ladies & Cranwell Contemporary Textiles, held their first ever quilt show.  I’ve been a member for just over a year and during that time have seen many wonderful pieces of work produced by the members but to actually see all of this work, and more, displayed together was amazing! 117 more words


Gelatin Printing

I’ve been getting back to a method I used often in the past to add color and texture to fabrics for art quilts.

Gelatin printing is a method of creating a monoprint:  a print that can only be repeated once (unlike intaglio, wood cut, lino cut, silkscreen, or other methods of print making in which multiple copies can be made.). 223 more words

Art Quilts


Summertime is strange as far as my work in the studio goes. There are days when I work like a demon and get tons of stuff done and then there are days on end when I don’t get a chance to even look at a needle! 388 more words


Rain 2 art quilt work in progress

The start of the quilt is painted with gesso and then blue colors in acrylic paint.

Mountains are made with a sponge.

Some lines added and trees. 6 more words


One step ahead

Sometimes my teaching style only keeps me one step ahead of the students! I do try to explore all the possible issues the students may have with whatever I’m teaching, but in some areas I will readily admit to limited experience. 485 more words

Art Quilts

What She Saw in the Rose Garden

Well, I decided after i got the new rose finished that the tuned edges made the appliqué too heavy to quilt through.  I will just add a false back to the rose.   129 more words