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The Slice Project

My Art Quilt Group decided to do one of those quilts where you take a photo and cut it into sections and each person makes a section. 147 more words


I knew it was wrong...

Yep–I knew it was wrong when I was doing it. As I cut the fabric, I tried to convince myself that it would be fine. As I began sewing, I told myself that it looked all right. 187 more words


Workshop weekend

My local quilt guild is The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild and this was workshop weekend. It’s so much easier than when I was the program director and had to take care of all the schlepping and details! 316 more words


An Original Voice

I am one of only a few Art Quilters in the traditional quilting group, Quiltessence Quilters, so I was so pleased that our guest speaker this month was an Art Quilter. 249 more words

Art Quilts


My computer is back! I can get and send email and post blogs again! Hooray!

It helps that I’ve been super busy while the computer was at the spa. 213 more words


Drawers, Drawers and more Drawers

Our local online swap meet had posted DMC drawers for a great price. We went to see them yesterday and while trying to decide how many to buy, the seller kept sweetening the pot. 45 more words

Art Quilts

Tiny bits at a time

Made some decisions and a little progress on my new distraction. I felt that the fabric squares were still too big and that the color was too bright. 317 more words