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Artist Review: Cha Hyeon Uk

Leave behind the familiar boxes you live, work, and travel through. What is your destination? Does it matter? Move past the enclave of the cozy metropolis and over the mountains to the gates of “Convent of Carmel” to find you are on the threshold between the mundane and the unknown. 125 more words


Thiếu nữ đeo hoa tai ngọc trai

Suýt nữa mình đã định đem cho quyển sách này mà chưa hề đọc hết, bởi sau khi mua về cách đây khá lâu, mình đã nản khi vừa đọc được mấy trang đầu. 2,714 more words

Art Review

Slade Degree Show 2018

The day we saw the degree show was the precious day we gave birth to this idea of reviewing and analysing institutions for our blog series. 737 more words


Take My Hand

This beautiful piece is titled Take My Hand, painted by Greg Olsen. This particular painting was painted with oil on canvas, around 2008, so it is more modern artwork. 378 more words


Holy Wave @ Laurieston Arches: An interview with Roi Carmeli

Nestled in the middle of another few exhibitions within the Laurieston Arches and as part of Glasgow International, this particular exhibition seemed so playful and inviting, bright and vibrant. 136 more words

Mark Leckey: Nobodaddy at Tramway

As part 2018’s Glasgow International, the Tramway  is currently showing a mixed media installation by 2008 Turner Prize winner, Mark Leckey titled ‘Nobodaddy’.   The title is a reference to William Blake’s poem of the same name – one which Blake uses as a play on the idea of God being the father of no one, but also the man with no body. 387 more words

Big White Bois: Design Museum, Hope to Nope

Design Museum

The design museum is housed in the old Commonwealth Institute (1962-2015) originally designed by Robert Matthew Johnston Marshall and Partners, the aim of the building was to promote post-war optimism under the theme of ‘inclusiveness’. 816 more words