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Review: Liverpool Biennial

For the Liverpool Biennial, as a student year group we visited the Walker Gallery near Lime Street Station, and The Bluecoat.

The Walker Gallery was brilliant, with an interesting array of paintings and the geometric works set the tone for most of my work this semester. 277 more words


Xấu (Grotesque)

“Xin hãy đối xử tốt với tôi.”

“Tôi sẽ đối xử tốt với cô. Đổi lại, cô hãy tốt với tôi nhé!”

Gấp lại Xấu (Grotesque) 5,254 more words

Art Review

Sonia Natra - A multifaceted Artwork

About my dear friend, the person and artist Sonia Natra.

By Dr. Dorit Kedar

December 2016

Sonia Natra as:

A classicist

Assimilating the role of a Renaissance sculptor, able to recreate in stone, bronze, gypsum or marble the vivacity of a person by decoding the essence of the personality, expressed by singular traits and characteristics, posture, garments and chosen secular attributes. 207 more words

Art Review

We'll See

It is my custom to do a year-end recap at Wallace Studios. As my art is so much a part of who I am, it’s hard not to do a personal review at the same time. 332 more words


[Review] Athens Gallery Weekend 2016

The following article was first published on Yatzer.com.

As the capital of the country with the world’s second largest government debt (in case you’re wondering, Japan tops that illustrious list), Athens has received more than its share of imposed financial austerity, during which the lower-income and middle-class social groups suffering the harshest blows. 1,081 more words

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On Imagination: Text inspired by the autodidact artist – Nira Fuchs

On Imagination

Text inspired by the autodidact artist – Nira Fuchs

Ein Iron – Cooperative settlement.

By Dorit Kedar

Passing by The Night Forest Woman Tree, 235 more words

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