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Bill Viola / Michelangelo: Life, Death, Rebirth

RA, 31 March

Some seemed to love it, others hated it.  I sat on the fence, unable even to decide whether to go.  The final day came and, like voting in Brexit, realised it Had To Be Done – regardless of which side I might come down on.   300 more words

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Andrew McIntosh - I Saw This Coming

This new exhibition by Scottish artist Andrew McIntosh features eight new oil paintings of largely run-down buildings, most of them in south-east London where he lives. 847 more words



first published in Juxtapoz, March 19, 2019

Martin Machado, “Unalaska, Alaska (Dutch Harbor)”, 20 x 24 inches, oil on canvas, 2018.

Martin Machado’s Odyssey

By Tamsin Smith & Matt Gonzalez… 1,210 more words


Davina Jackson - Close to the Sun

The story of Icarus, the boy who ignored his father’s advice and flew too close to the sun, so melting the wax on his wings and causing his literal downfall, is the allegory at the centre of London-born artist Davina Jackson’s new solo exhibition, … 834 more words


Next of Kin #2

In the quietude part of Ikoyi is an Art gallery, the Thought Pyramid Art Center. Majorly it collects, preserves and studies contemporary art of Africa. The beauty and elegance of the art collections is so appealing, while the lighting and the furniture exudes a relaxed, and aesthetic ambience. 76 more words

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The Woman in the Mirror

  • Vivian Maier. Self-Portrait. 1953. Photograph. The Maloof Collection

A personal essay on Vivian Maier

It is 1953. Vivian Maier walks the streets of New York. As she passes an antique dealer, an old mirror catches her reflection and throws it back at her. 2,203 more words

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ENE: The Girl Child

ENE: The Girl Child

Ene is painted by Silas Onoja in 2018.

The canvas on which Ene is painted measures

36 inches by 47 inches and the piece is done in… 518 more words

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