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16 David Bowie Personas That Make Him Immortal

One month ago, David Bowie turned 69. At the same time, he released a great album, arguably to be compared to his best ever works. But, two days later, he died. 3,297 more words


Pil & Bue - "Forget the Past, Let's Worry About the Future"

I am already playing catch up with the many great releases in 2016 and we are just over a month into the year! Pil & Bue are a duo from Norway and since I am a silly American, I initially thought that was their names. 392 more words

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Album Review: Field Music - Commontime

UK art rockers Field Music are a dynamic bunch. They’ve shape-shifted their way through the 2000s, working on a bevy of side projects between records and have let their different fares bleed together. 492 more words

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CAMEL | Slow Yourself Down

Camel is an English progressive rock group from London, England, United Kingdom. They formed circa 1964 when brothers Andrew and Ian Latimer got together with their respective friends Alan Butcher and Richard Over to form The Phantom Four. 19 more words


Gazpacho – Molok (2015)

I discovered Gazpacho a couple of years ago through a friend of mine. He always played it at his home when I was visiting him. Because it was always used as ‘background music’ during our conversations I never really paid attention to the music. 644 more words

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Dream Theater releases "The Astonishing" and fans are divided

No, this is not my review of the new Dream Theater album, “The Astonishing.” I don’t see how anyone could have an accurate opinion of 131 minutes of music after a day. 306 more words

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Najnowszy album zespołu z Teksasu.
Muzyka pomiędzy art rockiem a indie rockiem.
Porządne, ale niezapadające w pamięć kompozycje. 62 more words