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Art Show Prep

Art festivals are always exciting and panic attack inducing times! I say panic attack inducing thanks to a crazy dream (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it) that involved me running around Bend like a crazy person because I left half of my supplies, fixtures and art at home and home is 3 hours away. 330 more words


MASUD OLUFANI: Closing Remarks on his exhibition

Website: www.jleone.com

On Race, Memory and Rememberance:

Masud started his remarks by having his sister, Shala Whitehead, dressed in a long white sheath, standing on a wood block in front of one of his videos, sing a negro spiritual hymn.(She has a stunning voice and does sing professionally.) 412 more words

The Visible Becoming Invisible Part Deux

Beginning note, if you click on the image it will open in a separate window at a larger size.

Where we started:

When I have the wall mural worked out, the first frames will started in January, but this is the final post on this work in progress so as I am almost to the end of the shooting phase, I am doing a re-cap from where we started in the blogosphere. 208 more words

South Korea in 4 exhibitions

9 amazing days in Korea. 2 palaces from the Joseon dynasty. 4 Buddhist temples. 24 hours in Busan. At least 3 bottles of soju, plus unquantifiable makkoli, mekju, cider, mango beer, gin-based cocktails (and 1 Spritz!). 1,183 more words

The Visible Becoming Invisible

This was the last panorama on the site, that you all saw, dated March 18.  One of the issues I am having is how to incorporate into the time-lapse mural, the details of the project.   139 more words

Oltre l'Infinito at Galleria Cavour

Going underground to see the sky may sound counterintuitive. And yet this is exactly what you have to do to see the photographs taken by talented Giacomo Giovanni Stecca, on display in the underground space of Galleria Civica Cavour, Padova. 558 more words

A little bit of kindness could do us some good

A few days ago, I received an email by a moderator of a Flickr group related to Art Box, a place in Second Life that I have already written about on this blog. 776 more words

Second Life