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It’s time to face the cold, heartbreaking, truth. I can no longer sing the lyrical wonder “22” by the musical royalty that is Taylor Swift. I am now officially 23 years old. 430 more words


How to Dress Evil

For those of you who don’t know I’m currently attending art school. For the next two months I am going to be working on my final project; a satirical cartoon book entitled ‘Everything you Need to Know about Being Evil’. 461 more words


Glass / Stikla caurspīdīgums

Still life consisting of a glass objects and two pine cones. Materials  – white coal or pastel pencil (or ordinary white colour pencil, which is not as bright but still better than nothing) and black paper. 169 more words


its fine art, you dont have to explain it GOSH!

See, I get it. Lots of art work presented in galleries and museums are abstract and very open to interpretation. The ambiguity is what makes it fun and interesting.  263 more words

Coming Back To The Project

I am finally coming back to this project after a long break.  My goal originally with doing this work is to express some artistic ideas about myself and sexuality, but privately.  227 more words


How To Care For Your Paint Brushes

As any artist knows, the quality of your art materials can add or take away from the quality of your work. Once you’ve chosen the art materials that meet your needs, it is also important to keep them in good shape. 447 more words

Brush Care

Alex Lahey Kicks Off Her First American Tour At The Echo

Melbourne-based indie rocktress, Alex Lahey, kicked off her first American tour by slaying the stages of The Echo (Los Angeles). The Aussie gal who sold her 1999 blue Corolla to pay for her debut record, knocked our ears with her EP… 149 more words