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1/28/16: The Art School Show

SCAD-Atlanta is an art school. The Fuzz Factory is a rock & roll radio program. They are like two great tastes that go well together. Therefore, why not combine the two into the Art School Show on the Fuzz Factory. 166 more words

Special Feature

Life Drawing III

  I’m enjoy Life Drawing this quarter. We’ve been working on 3D ecorche models which show figures without skin (emphasizing musculature). An additional challenge was to draw bones in a similar position. 30 more words



I must’ve heard it a thousand times, “Moving abroad is going to be so hard!” They were right, it is hard but not in the way I was told. 511 more words

Art Student on a Budget

Learning how to budget your money before you start your college education is more important than you may think. Whether you have government student loans, saved the money yourself or have an education fund from your parents, it’s equally important to learn this skill. 1,305 more words


Day 4: Painting Competition #1 Results


Time for the results from the first painting competition! It was nerve wrecking to watch the students paint. For those of you who are rooting for someone, I’m going to apologize in advance if the person you’re rooting for is in the low ranks.  2,931 more words

The Sims

Day 3: Painting Competition #1


The time has finally come! It’s time for the students to face their first painting competition! They’ll be scored based on rank and painting quality. 1,340 more words

The Sims

Valley Spotlight Feature!

Thanks to Douglas Proce from Connected Films for producing this great feature on Justin Germain, Artistserv, and THERMAL Gallery!