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Tools/Tips to run your art buissness

  • Canva. It’s a website full of ways to make free headers and to edit and combine your pictures, if you’re like me and don’t own an actual editing software and Paint is useless.
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Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that the DANESSA art store is now open for business!! Like everything I do, I’m learning and seeing where this new little pathway takes me. 182 more words

Under Construction: D A N E S S A online art store

I am so excited for the upcoming month of June! May is definitely still my favorite month given all the wonderful things that happen–the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are rich and lively, the springtime weather inspires people to get more active and enjoy the outdoors, and the days are longer and bright! 344 more words

Juicy Details On What’s Happening In The Art Department – We Interview Frank

We had the HONOR of interviewing Frank Perry, the art department manager here at Keeton’s. This man is so knowledgeable, so insightful and in this interview he exposes some exciting news happening in the art department. 521 more words

Inside Scoop: What It’s Really Like To Work At A Small Office & Art Supply Store

By Nicole Tinkham

I’m Nicole and I’m one of the customer service representatives at Keeton’s. We get artists in here all the time who absolutely love our store and I would really like to share with you what the Keeton’s life is really like. 682 more words


Spell heaven, ART BAR Ph. Everything you need is here. No more online shopping for art materials. No more problematic shipping fees. If you are in the Metro this is worth the visit. 231 more words


More acrylic inks, you say?

There is a lot which has happened between my last post, and now.  Significantly, everything which was not already late was turned in on time.  I got the technical exercises out of the way first (including a botched Cataloging quiz — I’m not sure to what extent I’m concerned about this, anymore), then spent all of Sunday on my Literature Review for Research Methodologies.  1,518 more words