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Bubble Technique

As an art teacher, we have the greatest career choice. We are already artists, so we create. Where else can you do what you love all day? 287 more words

Deep winter - a lesson in colour

Yesterday morning the light in the back room surprised me so much I thought the neighbours must have cut a tree down. But it was just winter and the leafless limbs were letting the low sun in and I was happily home to appreciate at it. 214 more words


A 'How To' Channel...

**Budding artists, or anyone who feels they can learn something from me**

I’m thinking of launching a ‘How To’ Youtube channel, any content ideas?

Aaron Pocock

The Power of Paint Compels You

What is it about art materials that makes me all weak in the knees?   A perfect day for me could look something like this: poring over online art catalogs and comparing the translucence of various versions of Burnt Sienna. 647 more words

Art History

Today's Palette

Green Beetle. A chrome green hue with yellow thoughts.


Going Buggy

The creative process can be a mystery. I frequently work intuitvely, letting my painting evolve to where my soul inspiration takes me. What allows me to source the imagery is part imagination and part my experience with art. 439 more words

Sketchbook Week o3

By Shaun Pinello ©Little Dog Comics 2016

This is the week I feel like I got the hang of working on toned paper. The key seems to be to let the paper be your medium value even if your working in color. 198 more words