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Yes, in Art, books do (actually!) help.

I’ve heard it said that one can’t learn Art through reading books, but sometimes those books actually help urge someone into action.

I’ve been reading in a book on Chinese ink painting techniques…and may just have gotten the inspiration to work on a painting (I’m not giving away the title until after I’ve decided whether to buy it or not).  444 more words


Found a cache of journals?

It’s been a bit of a trial even to get back to the point of writing, here.  Good points?  1) I found my old Japanese Pentel Brush Pen (the one with the ink reservoir as the handle and no English anywhere), 2) I did go out and just get the Uni-Ball Signo 207’s in Ultra Micro and Bold; 3) I cleaned out one of my desk spaces and found at least five in-progress paper journals, organized by theme. 891 more words


Alright, I'm still awake...

I was able to finish A View From the Studio Door by Ted Orland.  I had about 40% of the book remaining, but after all the academic reading I’ve had to push through, this was nothing.  486 more words


Sound of Waves and Foam

Painting the ocean is a challenge in the sense it it constantly moving, you know compared to trees or landscapes.  I took this photo of the waves and was motivated to paint it.

Oil on canvas 20×30

Oil Painting

Sue draws dogs

Here’s a picture of me drawing a dog. If you want to see a close-up of the dog I’m drawing look for “Larry” on my dog portraits website page… 240 more words

A Creative Life


This past week, after the election, it’s been a very difficult time for many of us. For me, it left me with feelings way beyond disappointment. 282 more words