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Fresh Start on Red

I’m starting a new series in oil… just got several of these little canvases primed. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon! :)


Welcome to Peggy Milovina-Meyer Fine Arts

Welcome to my new blog where I will publish my thoughts on art, both mine and others, tutorials on technique, work in progress, final projects, and anything else I would like to share. 23 more words

Monotype Madness!

I just got back from a lovely evening with an artist group that I had not met before! The Juan de Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild Painters… 376 more words


New year, new paints, new paintings, new process

Oh boy — new professional-grade paints arrived yesterday from Blick: Gamblin* oil colors in my basic palette! (And a free sample tube of Titanium White Alkyd!) Compositions and canvases were all ready… and today I started two new paintings: … 198 more words


Caution: Artist At Work

Here are assorted photos of me working on my huge hairy fire-breathing deadline – mentioned in earlier blog comments – also known on my Facebook page… 151 more words

Sue Clancy

Anthotype Experiment Using Pomegranate

Anthotype is an alternative photography process using the light sensitive qualities of plants (including fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, roots etc) to make a photographic image without using chemicals.   795 more words


WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS -perceptual-expansion artwork: alluding to remote viewing,clairvoyance, and parallel realities

This piece, ‘Interdimensional subway portal through an alley’, contains subliminal images within its multi-layered shading…

When turned on its side,  the abstract shading becomes more symmetrical… 32 more words