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watercolor swirls

this is what i call a “start stop” technique (there may be a formal name)

slow strokes with white in between, almost like a dotted line… 71 more words


mated pairs

humans seek to find their mate

we live in packs, we are social animals

this image is inspired by the notion of finding that one… 219 more words


I have become very fascinated with natural dyeing processes and decided that today would be a rust-dye crafty day.

I’ve  collected bits of metal for years, who knows why!! I just love metal and I do love rust. I love the variation in the colors and textures. 17 more words

My Creations

radial symmetry

this is a collage piece

it was made from various organic materials

i collected a variety of leaves, flowers, and pods and photocopied them at different intensities for the more solid white and black areas… 60 more words


the grim within

this piece was done in a sequence

the background was painted first with acrylic paint on paper

then I cut out random shapes from old scrap art and applied them in sort of a “mountain range” pattern… 71 more words


where the green grass grows

found this child-like grass image that I painted a while ago

i like the simplicity and whimsical nature of it

the original is done with watercolor on paper… 77 more words


Etched Emu Eggs

Emu eggs are very carefully etched with a high speed drill, through three layers of shell; each revealing a different color.  Dark emerald green on the outer layer,  teal in the middle and white on the inside layer.   7 more words