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Hitler's Missing Horses Found Hidden in Rhineland Warehouse

The German tabloid Bild just broke a story about the huge statues of horses made for Hitler by the sculptor Josef Thorak. I’d just come across Thorak’s work while looking into the symbolic role of horses under the Nazis, and… 352 more words

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Picasso stepdaughter accuses Parisian dealer of theft

As news broke that a Picasso painting has broken the record for the world’s most expensive painting, the famous Spanish painter’s work was in the papers again, but for less celebratory reasons. 191 more words

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Housekeeper jailed for stealing Picasso and other art and antiques

Kim Roberts, 59, has been sentenced for three years for stealing antiques and paintings valued at over half a million pounds from her former employer’s home in Cirencester. 275 more words

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QUICKSAND by Gigi Pandian

The most wildly improbable things happen to Jaya Jones, but I never have trouble suspending my disbelief because she’s just so darn fun. In her third adventure, Jaya receives a ticket to Paris from ex-flame/bad boy Lane and decides to temporarily abandon her professorial responsibilities and head out. 130 more words

3 - Art Thieves and The Truth

So I just read a warning about a modern-day art thief stealing a woman’s finished pieces and sketches, photoshopping them into his photos, erasing her watermark and calling it his own. 879 more words


Information flow and the grievances lobby

One would think that people who stand up for something right and good are strong in character, brave, and to be commended for that.

But what has crystallized after my observations, experiences and pondering is that in such cases, you can distinguish between those doing it for strong selfish motives and those who actually do it regardless of whether they are personally involved. 701 more words

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So I was recently notified of this person taking credit for my artwork, and several other artists. I want people to know who he is so they know not to compliment his “work”, not to buy anything from him, and not to support him in any way.

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