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A 360• landscape

Using the idea of a fish-eye lense to create a round composition. This is the watercolour challenge for Hills Rd. adult ed class this week. Tips for you folk. 161 more words

Art Classes

Think Your Old Markers Are Trash? Think Again! Here Are 4 Tricks To Reviving Dried Markers

By Nicole Tinkham

How many times have you ditched old markers because they weren’t writing as clearly as they were on day #1? It’s so easy to trash the old and run out to buy new. 450 more words

Landscapes of the imagination workshop at the Heong Gallery, cambridge 

Hideki Arichi and Sarah Blake enjoyed exploring the kettle’s Yard exhibition ‘ a sense of place’ followed by an art workshop with 20 visitors. We really enjoyed your art work as you visualised your sensory memories of a landscape familiar to you. 7 more words

Art Tips

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Hello Art-lovers!

2017 has already started with great news for *artemporary and more are to come. So I want you to stay tuned in the next few weeks as many good things are coming your way and I could not be more thrilled to share them with you! 115 more words


Painting the way

After a crazy month of classes and holidays it feels so good to be painting again! I just finished setting up and refound a closed pallete of paint I used for the painting in the right corner of the photo over a month ago (full size coming when posted to Etsy!) Naturally, I expected the paint to be dry as the Sahara Desert but to my surprise it was fresh as the day I first used it! 73 more words


Is it better to work in traditional or digital medium for my art?

Digital or traditional, that is the question?

Is it better to work in traditional or digital medium for my art?

Here is the answer, it doesn’t matter! 419 more words

Bruce Outridge

Eye path in composition 

Having already learned how to create interesting positive and negative spaces in our work, as well as how to use line continuation to our advantage, it’s time to learn a bit about the eye path. 241 more words