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The Hollow Men 88 - Castle: A Creative Process - Through 500 Works of Art: #89

The Hollow Men 88 – Castle:

The History: Here’s my story on this…

The castle aspect feels obvious to me, but it probably isn’t. Imagine the portcullis of a fortress, as the gate rises, the view inside is an expanding tunnel. 1,209 more words

Shared Wisdom

Artist Handbook: Cleaning Your Brushes

How to Clean Your Brushes:

One of my goals as an artist has been to improve and learn new skills through online tutorials, classes, blogs, etc., so I have watched hours of video! 985 more words


Saturday's Supplies - Crayons Are For Your Inner Child Too!

Crayola 96 Crayons:

The Review:

Wax crayons are versatile if you allow yourself to try them. You can blend colors and tones, and with a little practice, make lines as fine and crisp as you like. 141 more words


Is Tracing Cheating in Art?

I am a firm believer that using photos and other media for inspiration, posing, and referencing is highly beneficial. Ideas need to come from somewhere. As an artist, I can’t pull poses, anatomy, and environments out of my head, and I definitely can’t pull them out of my ass! 518 more words


How to Develop "Style" (Q&A)

At Instagram I was asked a lovely question on one of my sketches which went like this: “Odd question, but how did you develop your style? 1,528 more words


Challenge Yourself with Your Art

Everyone who loves to draw and paint will know that they have certain strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creating their artwork and it is very easy just stick to those strengths. 484 more words


Fun Photos for Friday (Taos - There's Something In The Light)

I have a To Do List on my desktop that loves to taunt me with the points I haven’t prioritized. Recently, I’ve decided to take some of the more taxing tasks off the list by getting them done in increments. 114 more words