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Notan: Harmonizing Darks and Lights

I’ve been taking some art classes this week.  While studying composition, I came across the Japanese term, “notan” which literally means “dark-light.”  It’s a fascinating design concept centered around the idea of creating harmony in a drawing through value contrast.   255 more words

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Adult ed, Hills Rd VI college 1 feb

This study of White and pink flowers was about close observation and a real understanding of a controlled limited colour scheme. Mixing a range of soft greys and gentle whites has a real satisfaction. 12 more words

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Color, Contrast, and Drawling

Color has isn’t importance, but it’s not as important as you might think.  If your color is close enough and everything else is done right, you’re painting is going to be just fine.   136 more words


Radiant Daze

Ever wonder why coyotes howl at the moon? Or why they get such a bad rap?
Or do you look at them and wish you could go up and hug their neck, like a puppy? 311 more words


Art Tip: Observation

If you are a representative artist, observation is the key to everything. If you take pictures, look at your subject from all possible angles. See things others might miss. 134 more words

Art Tips

Art Tip: Consistent Lighting

Whether you are drawing in chalks or graphite or pastels, painting, or doing pen and ink, pay attention to where the light falls. It can really make or break a piece. 117 more words

Art Tips

7 Tips On Stippling

Here are a few things I’ve learned as a stipple artist:

   1. Before you even begin get into a Zen state of mind. This is not a craft for the speedy and the quick. 337 more words