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How to Make a Simple Body

When making a body, I never realized how big a body had to be when learning it later on. I never personally thought any other tricks could be used for making a body until I came across a trick where you make eight circles and sketch the body from top to bottom. 92 more words


How to Draw Emotions

Now that we have drawn our face, we can now start on making your face show several different emotions. When you do emotions, you change up a lot of features such as how your mouth looks, how your eyes look, how your eyebrows look, basically anything that can show an emotion. 195 more words


Test Your Drawing Paper

Quick note, when doing pen and ink drawings, be sure to test your paper. Not all papers are created equal even if they have the same specifications…so I’ve learned. 245 more words


Tips for Using Watercolour Paints

No matter how busy you are, artistic expression would do you good. Creating art relieves stress, improves cognitive function and has the same effect on the brain as meditation. 205 more words

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How to fill up a sketchbook?

Have you ever had the problem where your sketchbook simply have too many pages and you just can’t fill it all up? I had the same problem and I will be talking about how to fill your sketchbook up in an efficient manner in this post! 357 more words


Time to Draw!

Once you’ve gotten use to sketching a bit in your, it’s time to draw. It may seem scary at first, but you can over come this fear by doing something simple. 171 more words


How to not stay stagnant with art?

Every artist wishes to improve their art, to bring their art to the next level. But…how? How do we improve? This is the question I would like to tackle for this post. 396 more words