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How to organise inspiration in Sketchbooks and dummies - Organising inspiration

I have a confession to make. I have too many sketchbooks and dummies and I keep buying more. I know, I know. I don’t need more and honestly I might not have to buy one ever again, but I just love them all so much. 684 more words


What brushes do you use?

I often wonder about the brushes other artists use for their work so I thought I’d talk about the ones I use and more importantly, why. 645 more words


How to be nice about your own work - artist, writer or blogger

Are you one of those people who sees only flaws when looking at your work? I certainly tend to be! We are our own harshest judge. 837 more words


The big draw artist event! (1-30 October)

I did not even know this existed but this years “The Big Draw” is actually the sixteenth time! I’m so excited for a real drawing festival. 600 more words


Watercolour and collage landscapes

These amazing watercolour and collage landscapes took us all by surprise, isn’t that the amazing quality art has? Thanks to adult education students at Hills Road, last night, great work!

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6 Ways to Organize Inspiration

Inspiration comes and goes for me. There are moments were I have more ideas than I could possibly make in one session and sometimes I have no Ideas at all. 1,001 more words


3 things for more productivity while working from home

When you start working from home it just seems perfect. You can choose you own hours and no one to boss you around. I definitely thought it would be easy. 908 more words

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