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15 Minute Challenge...Publicity

I would like to thank everyone who is following my 15 Challenges and telling me how much you like the information being shared. These 15 Minute Challenges are going to be for a limited time. 305 more words


The Trades of the Arts Prt.1: Etiquette 

Nice and warm toasteh posteh! This particular babeh is one of some etiquette tips I have gained about art trades.

I want to begin with saying that these are strictly my opinions and based off my own personal experiences. 3,782 more words

Tips for Bloggers - a great 'lede'

The key to capturing your readers’ interest is a great ‘lede.’

Sometimes referred to as a “lead,” a “lede” is the first sentence or paragraph of a news article. 319 more words

Art Tips

Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part Three)

Part 3 – Wood and Metal

Wood surfaces such as oak, birch, mahogany or pine can provide your artwork with an interesting background with very little effort. 575 more words

Art Painting

Inspiration Station

I’m inspired by just about everything; nature, music, colors, textures and of course other artist.  A majority of what I’ve learned stems from studying the works of other artists and thankfully with the “invention” of the most wonderful thing in the world…PINTEREST.   214 more words

Art Style

How to Draw a Portrait: From Start to Finish

Every artist knows that moment. Inspiration has struck. You have an amazing idea for a new project, all visualized out and everything. You run to your art supplies, get everything set up, maybe even put on some music to get the creative juices flowing, and then you see it… Staring right at you….. 1,705 more words

Art Tips

Art Tip: Mixed Media Technique

There are times when you will want a strong background color but a lot of surface detail and highlighting at the same time.  At these times, a background of marker with surface layers of colored pencil, chalk, or oil pastel for the highlights and surface detail can work quite well. 145 more words

Art Tips