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Copying Art - Unspoken Art Rules by Jennalee Auclair

Something people that are new into the art work don’t grasp are the unwritten rules of copying art work! It can get you in trouble! 92 more words


My Step by Step Process for Lavender

Here is my step by step process for my portrait Lavender.


I started with the most important element: the eyes, followed by the rest of the facial features, the hair, the watch, fishes then the patterns in the clothing and background. 291 more words


Mixed vs Layered

Mixed paint is just taking colors and mixing them on them on the pallet before putting them on the canvas.  Layered paint is putting down one color.   147 more words


Out of my comfort zone 2

This week, I am living a second adventure outside of my comfort zone. I am taking a workshop with Pat Dews, an award winning American artist that started off as a realistic watercolour painter and is now an abstract and mixed techniques painter. 659 more words


How to (not) be an artist- draw with jazza

Who doesn’t like some humor with their art tips! 

A great video to encourage you and to remind you that being an artist is something you can call yourself if you want to without holding up to weird standards. 19 more words


Figure/gesture drawing resources; getting good fast

Drawing people is hard. Drawing people and making the image lively and interesting is even harder. Interesting poses require a lot of practise. Personally I really like gesture drawing for practising this. 292 more words


Right Side vs Wrong Side Of the Paper

I’ve been experimenting with the “wrong” side of the paper.  It’s basically just the the smoother side of the paper.  It’s suppose to be better for getting finer detail and since I do more detailed work I thought I’d give it a try.   199 more words