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Is My Painting Ready to Sell?

It’s difficult when you’ve just finished a painting to take an objective view; you’ve just put all that hard work into it and you feel that you deserve for the painting to be finished. 407 more words


Watercolour, still life underwater. Hills Road Adult Ed

This is a cool way to rethink the ‘still life’ theme, by placing your chosen objects in, or partly in, water. The water distorts and refracts the way you see these objects. 176 more words

Art Classes

Composition intro

So it has been a while since the last post but getting good information takes time. I have been researching and putting to practice my findings so that you all get to read about only what works. 177 more words


5 Ways to Attack Art Block

Maybe I’ve already written a lot about art block. But just because I’ve defeated it once doesn’t mean it I won’t struggle with it again. And again. 1,484 more words

5 Ways to Make Art Video's That Wow

For a long time I have wrestled with making speed painting videos of my art. I tried various software programs, cameras, stands and easels. I did approach a few artists that happen to have pulled it off brilliantly, but to my utter amazement my questions were left unanswered.  1,174 more words

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Painting for September 23 WIP

I always lose steam by the end of the week, so today’s painting for the 30 in 30 challenge might be a little late…

On the plus side, I might have figured out the best working method for me: 92 more words

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