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Easy Tricks to Tell Characters Apart

When making a style or just beginning to try to make one of your own, you typically will draw different characters. As time goes on with your style you’ll want to make a character that you place a gender on to identity them and make them look as such. 406 more words


5 Ways to Not Draw a Mutant Human

I can already see you non-artists shriveling up and glaring at me. Guys, please stop. I’m not going to kick you off just because this topic isn’t related to you. 1,479 more words


Those nasty art blocks – How to deal with them? Part 2.

In the previous post I talked about the various art block types, and gave you some tips on how to deal with them when they start (or at least told you about how I deal with them myself.) 773 more words


First-rate Find: Why lazy and painting don't mix.

As I write this, there is a rather frantic blow-fly energetically break-dancing on my office floor. Every now and then, it will have a little legs-up breather, before starting on another frenzied spin. 450 more words


Lines of Motion

Though I’m sure this has another name, I refer to it as lines of motion. This is a technique to make drawing and characters have more defined motion when positioning them. 155 more words


Developing Tenacity

Van Gogh must have felt a lot of satisfaction staring at a completed piece he had just finished.  Maybe he felt sad that he wasn’t a financial success but I bet he felt the excitement of completing a good painting. 122 more words



Now a days paintings have become an integral part of our home. New home owners plan for interior decoration, for such interiors and paintings are put on top priority. 743 more words

DIY Room Decor