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Fanart, or not Fanart...

Hey guys!

   Not so long ago, I got news of a friend leaving a fandom we both enjoy a lot, and that brought back to my memory a statement I heard once from a teacher at my drawing school, that said: 1,226 more words

Art Tips

Writing an artist statement 

An individual artist statement may be necessary many times in your art career, so you should practice writing them just like you practice every other part of your artistic profession. 287 more words


Inking "Phree"

If you’re curious as to what my process to stippling looks like, I’ve done a few timelapse videos, from a while ago, for a behind the scenes look. 32 more words


Art portfolios

If you are a young artist and are trying to separate yourself from the huge group of emerging aritists, you should really think about getting a portfolio together. 414 more words


Where to mass market your art

There are quite a few way of going about marketing your work, and for those artists who do not know their target audience this can prove a bit difficult. 325 more words


Suitable Surfaces for Acrylic Painting. A five part series. (Part Four)

Part 4Glass and Stone

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile mediums available on the art market today.

One of its popular sort after uses is painting on glass. 869 more words

Art Painting

How To Draw Expressive Eyes

Humans are like emotional sponges. They see someone or something experiencing an emotion, and bam, they’re soaking it up and feeling it, too.

That’s what we call sympathy… or is it empathy? 906 more words

Art Tips