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Varnishing Watercolor Paper

While you can varnish watercolor paper, it is a little different than varnishing canvas.  It still needs to be framed behind glass to protect it from water and humidity, but a varnish can help prevent fading.   159 more words


3 Things NOT To Do With Your Brushes

If you have problems with your brushes wearing out, or splaying out and becoming trees, here are three things not to do that will help reduce those problems. 184 more words


Staining vs Non-Staining Colors

The name pretty much tells you what these colors do.  A staining color will severely stain your paper so that it’s difficult to lift back to white, and if you try you will pretty much have a varying degree of the tint of color left behind on your paper.   215 more words


Illustrators, Read This! by Ashley Lucas

‘I Just Like to Make Things’ by Lilla Rogers

Image Credit : Amazon.Com

By far my favorite book to read when I’m seeking some inspiration and guidance as an illustrator is I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers. 215 more words


Are You Using the Right Watercolor Paper

You may think there’s not much difference between watercolor paper, other than some being of higher quality, but that not the case.  There are different textures, weights, and colors.   602 more words


Tips for Sketching People in Public

Drawing in public has been a taunting task for me; I feared the outside judgment and the fact that my failures will easily be exposed. Nevertheless, I knew that sketching people from their natural positions, facial expressions and movements is a valuable learning experience to more lifelike drawings. 490 more words


Get Smart: 10 Art Tips from the Pros + a Drawing Competition for Kids!

Need some tips for getting creative (and staying healthy) with the kids this summer? Take a hint from our very own Adrienne Wright, Val Jones, Patricia Kreiser, and Virginia Law, who were recently featured in the Get Smart Newsletter, put out by the CDC. 60 more words