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Pastel painting course - Using greys

I fell in love with pastels for their bright and glorious boldness but as our relationship developed I began to appreciate more and more the quiet beauty of the muted greys. 18 more words

Making Art

Intuitive Mark Making with Pastels

Painting with pastels is very intuitive. I think this is because it takes us back to our childhood when we used crayons and chalks in a very fluid way. 738 more words

Making Art

ColourArte Design Team Call Entry

Painting with ColourArte Silks and Twinkling H2O’s

The Secret to Creating Seamless Backgrounds with Ease

Today I will share a project created using ColourArte products, specifically their line of Silks Acrylic Glazes and their Twinkling H2O’s. 550 more words

Mixed Media

"Finger painting weekend workshop" by Iris Scott

I bought Iris Scott’s book. I gave it a try. I really like her paintings. The book gave pretty good direction but hard to follow and flip pages with paint on your hands. 87 more words

Oil Painting

Creating a series

Familiarity  brings freedom in painting

It’s a fact that the more familiar I become with a painting subject the easier the actual execution of the elements becomes , the freer the paint or pastel application flows and the more instinctual the response to the material is. 370 more words

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Creating a dynamic visual pathway in a painting

What is a dynamic visual pathway?

When I paint a picture I aim to make a composition that will engage the viewer as long as possible in exploring the various elements of the painting. 557 more words

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Ink & Gouche Painting Techniques

While preparing some materials for watercolor next week I ran across some earlier explorations with ink and gouache as a painting technique. The resulting effect is similar to a woodcut and the process feels very familiar to printmaking in general, which I have always favored. 565 more words