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Fearless Friday, Starting Over

Before we paint today, let’s talk about {forgive the pun}

the Elephant in the room…

I don’t want to talk about politics, but I do want to talk about the great state of Alabama where I am proud to live… 456 more words


Intro To Modelling

Now what should we make today…

We should start with something Simple I think, that doesn’t change from view to view. How about a bottle? 1,228 more words

Fearless Friday, Turnip

In October I tried an “Alphabet Challenge,” one drawing a day, of a food titled with a different letter every day, A-Z

The food itself didn’t have to begin with the letter, an adjective or descriptive word left room for lots of imagination… 514 more words


Pen Art How To!

As a high school student I don’t always have my collection of art supplies with me to add colour to my sketches. In such cases I have to make do with what’s with me. 438 more words

Fearless Friday, Pink Poinsettias

Let’s paint some flowers today

Pink Poinsettias are my favorite holiday flower

They are full of so many beautiful colors and tones

Not to stress you out but did you know there are only 58 days until Christmas???? 194 more words


Fearless Friday, Pour the Wine

My thoughts and prayers have been with California…

Save the grapes!!

So many have been impacted by the wildfires and devastation on the West Coast… 346 more words