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Stock Picking…Art, or Science (Part III)?!

Well, it’s not ideal publishing another post in this series two months+ after my last post…but I’m obviously no post a day pleaser. And life, Xmas, stocks & markets, and sneaking off to the movies, all tend to get in the way! 2,554 more words

Mondecreen + Purple Haze + Multicultural Fringe - Feb 12, 13, 14

It was a big week!

Let’s try to keep this short so I won’t keep you from your obviously important tasks that you should be doing instead of reading this. 694 more words

The Art of Unknowing

by Gina Sangster, MFA, MSW

I’m thinking way too much about my dentist these days. Maybe I’m missing my old dentist who retired and sold Dr. 611 more words

I Didn't Notice That Some Of The Stories Are More Prose Poetry Than Fiction.

creativity doesn't follow a schedule

“I like to remind people that creativity also isn’t a spark; it’s a slog. Every artist, inventor, designer, writer, or other creative in the world will talk about his work being an iterative experience. 342 more words

Agile Principles