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The Rose

The Rose by Charles L. Harness
Berkley Medallion Books, 1969
(Originally published in Authentic SF, 1953)
Price I paid: none

The year 1953 is a hallowed one to such connoisseurs of science fiction as Arthur C.

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The Difference Between Art Students And Science Students

As my daughter begins yet another year of university, we find ourselves once again having the same conversation at the dinner table. It’s just loud enough to be more than a… 1,710 more words


The Enigma that is Forensic Art

What is forensic art? Is it a mere art form or a scientific technique?

Defined as the presentation of visual information, in relation to investigations within law enforcement, forensic art is often labelled as a mere pseudo-science, rarely receiving the recognition it deserves within this technology driven society. 263 more words

Art Vs Science