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7 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before July 7


Screening: “Day is Done” at the Whitney Museum of American Art
As part of the Whitney’s “America Is Hard to See” exhibition, the museum is screening Mike Kelley’s feature-length film “Day is Done,” which takes high school yearbook photographs of extracurricular activities as its point of departure. 716 more words

Rolling Deadlines - JULY!

There are some amazing opportunities coming up for artists to enter. I have included some here. One notable one is the National Open Art competition, which my friend Rob Reed and I were involved in last year when it showcased at Somerset House, London. 110 more words


Playing the Gallery

I’ve tried to answer some of the fundamental, obvious questions about the art world. I’ve not done this to expose the workings as some kind of trick, like ripping the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz, but because I think people might be intrigued by these things. 698 more words


If you meet a COCK along the road kill HIM.

I take no credit for this document.  It is something I culled from three sources at least:   From a close friend of mine , the author Sheldon Kopp and a man I recently spoke with who survived the Soviet Gulags in Siberia.   814 more words


8 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before July 3


Opening: “Image Objects” at Public Art Fund
What better place for an exhibition on the relationship between contemporary sculptural practice and the digital landscape than an urban park? 954 more words

Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 6 (1995)

On a show full of enfants terrible, it takes a lot for one character to sink to the bottom of the likeability scale. And when there’s an artist in the group, it’s not hard to figure out who the outcast will be… that’s right, 684 more words