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Day 32 - Galen Garwood

Galen Garwood – NW Artist – Buddha’s Song of Seven 31.5″ x 42″ 2015 Oil on paper


Day 31 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

10Muse says…”Art helps an individual to experience something universal and priceless, and this experience is felt by all those who are art lovers.”

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Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun.

Owing to her prosperity and freedoms , America has become a treasure-trove of Art, both extant and potential . 116 more words


Day 28 - Entrepôt/ARTS PORT OF CALL

…..the shortest travel route for the distribution of Art

A entrepôt is a central point {for a given geographic area} where goods are bought together and physically traded; before the re-export to their final destination. 121 more words


Day 27 - This Ball of Art

If we could imagine visual art’s many ‘isms,’ styles and periods, stuck to a string, one after the other from this present moment to its earliest beginning, and then we roll the string backward into a big ball of aesthetic resonance, what would we find at the end? 296 more words


Day 26 - Art Tropism

The global Art market has sustained a constant 7+% growth year after year from the bottom of the “great recession “off 2007 and 8. The demand for postwar and contemporary art has lead the way counting for 48% and modern art 28% of the 60-billion-dollar market place. 174 more words


Report: Egypt running out of room to store all the crap they keep digging up

CAIRO – Museum registrars across Egypt are becoming increasingly frustrated over the influx of new and interesting antiquities archaeologists keep digging up. “We don’t have room for all this crap!” said Sara Ahmed at the Cairo Museum. 132 more words

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