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Piling It On, Or, Why Do I Read This Stuff...

You don’t often see me write about Contemporary Art on this site, and there are various reasons for that. Among these is the fact that I prefer to read and think and write about art and design created by people who have been dead for awhile. 703 more words


Corrine Loomis Dietz

Corrie Loomis Dietz has worked hard at her job as a rep for Golden Acrylic Paint, and at her studio practice.  She was a photographer, has done work with photo transfer and portraits, and lots of experimental work with paint, with her work moving more toward abstraction the last few years.  177 more words

Addressing the Male Gaze

An Investigation of Misogynistic Principles in Art

There is a term in feminist theory that never loses its captivating curiosity: “the male gaze.” In art, it is defined as the act of a heterosexual, masculine male artist depicting women as objects of pleasure. 1,479 more words


On the true meaning of a work of Art, from Hammer's show to Mozart's Magic Flute, passing by Blockchain

The photo above is a closeup of a work in progress(150x100cm), inspired by Mozart’s Magic  Flute , and the blockchain revolution taking the art world world by storm. 1,071 more words



In this video I talk about being black in the art world & also dropping game to young black artist

Don’t forget to WATCH IN HD !!!!!! 74 more words

Somebody Explain This, If You Can...

I have seen some artists pricing their art for $150 or more succeed in selling it, while I’ve seen some artists whose work is being priced @ a simple $20 not sell any. 32 more words

Lífæðar málverksins. Veins of paint.

Lífæðar málverksins.

Einn þekktasti myndlistarrýnir á sínum tíma var Bragi Ásgeirsson, hann talaði einhvertíman um lífæðar málverksins, hann vissi vel hvað hann var að tala um, hafandi unnið sem listmálari alla æfi, þessi kimi málara listarinnar; málverkið sjálft, byggist á beinu sambandi tilfinningana við höndina, sem stýrir penslinum og auganu sem er vakandi yfir útkomuni, heilin er þarna einhverstaðar á vaktinni og ef listamaðurinn er heppin er innsæið eða guðdómurin; eður hvað maður vill kalla það, þá er þetta allt saman samtengt og þannig rennur allt saman, í lífæðum málverksins. 158 more words