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Beads and things

I am getting ready to change my life into some new directions.  Part of that involves retiring which is an odd thought as I’m not really at retirement age yet.   429 more words



I have sat in this chair 467 times over the course of years composed of hours composed of the slowest seconds I have ever felt. 328 more words


Emotions are Sealed

This drawing expresses a net in which emotions are sealed.


If we wash our hands of the conflict ....

If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerfull and the powerless we side with the powerfull -we don´t remain neutral- bansky


Texture is my favorite thing right now.

I’ve decided on future pieces that I want to add more textured elements, outside of the typical use on my projects involving simply acrylic and ink.   276 more words


A taste of 2033 | Un assaggio di 2033

It’s really short, indeed, but this video can give a rough idea of 2033 – the animated feature film project we were developing at the studio.

Marco Bigliazzi