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…and in those years, you would have become wise; realising nothing was ever worth deleting.

– Dele Kitan


Ever wondered what inspires Artists?

Creative inspiration can be found in many things. From the beauty of landscapes, to people, animals, buildings, imaginary things, etc. right down to ordinary household tools. 259 more words


The Pass

An act of compulsion,
A decision of choice,
A claim of love.

For the confused mind,

For a show foe pay,
Of an obligation,
Not of freewill.
………….. …… …………………..

Dele Kitan


Project 365.140 - Artefact

I was at a board game meet today, and taking a photo wasn’t exactly a huge priority, I’ll admit. But, the café it was held in was full of a lot of really cool and unusual pieces of art. 10 more words

Photo Challenge

Poetry Writing Exercise

I am someone who never really bothered with poetry before. It always felt to me like there is an air of elitism surrounding poets and their poetry so I shied away from it. 419 more words


Interview: Serge Alain Nitegeka on His New Marianne Boesky Exhibition | Observer

I find it fascinating, that he feels he made real breakthroughs in his art after the birth of his daughter…. I imagine, finding you are capable of something you thought you could NEVER do, i.e., be a father, and a good one, was life changing, paradigm shifting, aw hell, Deep Shit! 49 more words