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“He made me think of

all the books I hadn’t read,

and all the ones I’d read but

hadn’t fully understood.”

– Tom Perrotta

Photographer Unknown



É estraño como hai momentos e persoas que resuenan contigo dalgunha forma Unha fracción de segundo e antes de que o saibas, toda a túa vida cambiou Un único xesto e vostede está sacudido Unha simple mirada e unha parte enteira de vostedes esperta que nunca souberon existiu É difícil entender ao principio o significado nese momento Pero co tempo e ás veces un mundo de tolemia


Closely coming to a water blade splashing

Screaming blood body parts gangrene

Peripheral downtown school amusing

Hello youthful silverware future tall over

Plummet grief stricken banana boats on… 11 more words


Haec Sunt Mea Ornamenta

My offspring, they have a podcast:

No Story is Sacred

It’s up at all the usual places.

(“Art in the blood, Watson . . . .”)

Other People Saying Interesting Things

Social Commentary

Arguably some of the greatest comics of all time were the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow storyline.  This comes to mind because I have been entertaining the idea of doing something with a bit more of a social commentary in a comic.   185 more words


So much for Planning my Day

It seems my life got overtaken this past month with getting my properties ready for sale so the other night, before I went to bed I thought “Right, tomorrow I will start a new routine.” Famous last words! 522 more words

The Cruising Artist