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Bony jellyfish

Mechanical pencil sketch on lined notebook. Photographed on iPhone 5. Colour inverted.


I will not let him die.

A few months ago I began speaking to Daniel, a homeless man who often sits at the end of my road. He told me about the split in his relationship with his wife, and the ‘amazing’ 18-year-old daughter he has who lives with her mother. 532 more words

Making the Cover of A Death in the Family

One thing I like about independent publishing is getting to create my own covers. I don’t normally share the process – it’s often not very interesting – but this time I turned to actual illustration to get the cover for  1,048 more words


The Wonders of Travel

This week I have been in Portugal.  I opted for the´sudden immersion´ approach to the City.  It is some while since I have travelled in a foreign city alone and so I was quite relieved to have adequately navigated the mysteries of the Lisbon Metro, successfully coping with the ticketing system and the map and emerging into the light for the first time at the Cais do Sodré on the banks of the River Tagus in the middle of the city. 365 more words


Just Bones?

This image needed four pieces of wood to make a frame.  I had to make it.  Not complex but it had to be thought through, measured and assembled. 104 more words



She waited.. and waited.. and waited.. The altar will tell you that.. And so will the eyes.. but to the one.. who never came by. … 53 more words


I love how people live these days

without a care, without human touch

we refuse to hear the cries for help

© elancharan