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Painted this one while daydreaming at the beach. I hope to own a dog who loves the water as much as I do. Cause surfing with a Pomeranian would be rad.


Breaking Laws for Music

“Music as an art, our so-called occidental music, is hardly four hundred years old; its state is one of development, perhaps the very first stage of a development beyond present conception, and we—we talk of ‘classics’ and ‘hallowed traditions’! 343 more words

Limitless Everything

I heard someone use a phrase that summarized a thought we all share when facing other people’s achievements. It’s an idea that cocoons us in self pity while we decide we are less worthy than someone with more… money, credentials, personality, talent, beauty. 438 more words


Negotiating with my "Introvert"

In July, I read my poems in Chicago, at the Poetry Foundation–an event that did wonders for my spirit and my courage, as a poet. It was an encouragement beyond anything I had ever imagined being able to experience. 401 more words


Block 740: August 3, 2015


And we’re back, ladies and gentlemen…

Date: August 3, 2015

Crane: 740

Days Spent on Project: 895

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD… 648 more words