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Black Forrest Glass Works

The Black Forrest always makes me think of Hansel and Gretel and delicious cake. Which is more interesting when you think that the witch in was pretty much gonna bake those kids. 103 more words


Back at the Easel...

Presenting today the early stages of the current work-in-progress, another 4′ x 2′ ‘widescreen’ canvas upon which has been sketched the early stages of a second woodscape composition closely related to its predecessor and of which there is as yet not a great deal else to say. 245 more words


Profile: Aliah Char

Aliah Char, a Sophomore at MSHS, has been doing photography for 6 years. She mostly focuses on equestrian photography, but also enjoys landscapes, and occasionally portraits. 25 more words


It's been a while...oops

Meant to write before now. SO much has happened, I guess that’s life.
Things are going okay at the moment. The anxiety/depression isn’t too bad as I write this. 336 more words


Acrylic painting 

This is acrylic painting of a close up of a detail of architecture in Huddersfield however I altered the image by using more bold colours as originally the piece was yellow done on brown paper

look-see-draw-move to the seat to your left-keep going

This is the last week of school and the group has mastered technique. They developed skill. We have a couple of days left in the semester and I take the opportunity to one more time (this semester) get students out of their comfort zone. 149 more words