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Glorious to Behold!

”African textiles are the major form of expression that Africans use to define themselves”-(contemporary-african-arts.com.)

They have been used not only for personal adornment but also for communication, acquiring insight into complexities of many African communities and for mutual association within particular communities.

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substantivo feminino

1.relação entre pessoas que não estão em conflito; acordo, concórdia.

2.relação tranquila entre cidadãos; ausência de problemas, de violência. 101 more words

Living that Art life

I have a very vivid memory of me sprawled out on my uncle’s living room floor, with the sun beaming in, and a colouring pencil in my hand, creating away on a piece of paper. 505 more words

Pete Smith - Genius cartoons - bursting the childhood bubble

The things we do to our children. The lies we tell. We furnish them with dragons, tooth fairies and Santa Claus. We foist religion on them. 56 more words


the relativity of normal in a miro-cup

In Italian coffee bars in Spain, a normal coffee is: a coffee americaine. This follows the logic that when it comes to coffee (and to many other things), your “normal” is defined by the coffee drinking habits of the country you live in. 78 more words