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Creative Slumps and Subsequent Rage (also hey, what up)

So, usually when I try (and more often than not, fail) to start a blog I make the first post all about backstory and my life leading up to that moment. 1,059 more words


Fishes of Ocean

It is drawn with pencil colours and displays fishes drawn in a creative manner.


Like a Labrador 

My dad visited at the weekend. Seeing Iona in her natural habitat prompted the quote in this doodle. While this blog is primarily a vehicle for me to receive confirmation I’m hilarious from the Internet, it made me think it might also be a nice way of occasionally keeping a note of other, more important things, not just mishaps with tits and poo.


Drawing: Ophelia Lovibond in The Libertine

Ophelia Lovibond sounds a really posh name, but her background, growing up on a Shepherd’s Bush council estate in a single-parent family was anything but. In an interview with the Express this month she said, “It’s a mad name, but I think it was almost inevitable that I would end up in this profession and not become a librarian in Tunbridge Wells.” 100 more words




Have you once heard of beauty scars, maybe not, but I’m sure you have seen them. In Traditional African cultures men and women had their skin pricked or cut in certain patterns that would later heal forming beautiful beauty marks. 328 more words