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Are Pop Up Museums Even Worth It?

“Why would you want to go to pop up museums when you can go hiking and appreciate Mother Nature.” My coworker’s eyes were full of silent judgement that was making a hole in my head when I told him that I was going to The Pizza Experience. 1,013 more words


Art October 15-19

Celebrity Portrait (Collage)

Students have fished sketching their celebrity portraits. This week the will add color and value using Collage as a technique.

How We Will Run, We Will...*

You know, when you plan to cook a meal with your slow cooker and then you forget that you broke it back in June when you were carrying it back from school, where it had pancake batter or something else in it, and you never replaced it, because you didn’t want to pay for shipping, but you never actually wrote it on any to-do list anywhere to go somewhere and buy one, which pretty much guarantees it will never get done, well then you will have to drive BACK to the hellish mall where you just were to go grocery shopping so you can buy one. 502 more words


What Is Creativity?

What is creativity? It’s one of those deceptively simple questions.

What does it mean to be creative?

Well… create is a verb. Creative thinking without execution is not creativity. 33 more words


My cover of "Ting Yuan Shen Shen(The Deep Courtyard)" by Mandopop legend Cai Qin, from 1971 Taiwanese drama film "You Can't Tell Him" (recorded July 6, 2018)



duo shao de wang shi yi nan zhui yi (Events of the past, it’s been difficult to recall)

duo shao de en yuan yi sui feng er shi (resentment of the past, has gone with the wind) 102 more words