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11 November 2010: Philippe Parreno, Selected Installations & Interview

Selected Interview: Philippe Parreno

An interview with Philippe Parreno, by Tom Morton, Frieze Magazine

Issue 81 March 2004

Tom Morton: In your recent series of glow-in-the-dark posters ‘Fade to Black’ (2003)‚ shown at the Kunstverein Munich, you reintroduce motifs from your previous work only to have them disappear as the gallery lights go up. 2,054 more words


8 November 2010: Albert Oehlen, Selected Paintings & Interview

Selected Interview: The rules of the game – artist Albert Oehlen – Interview,

ArtForum, November 1994, by Diedrich Diedrichsen

DIEDRICH DIEDERICHSEN: In the U.S., I’m often asked what Europeans like about your paintings, which Americans tend to see as no more than cleverly made abstractions. 3,808 more words


6 November 2010: John Stezaker, Selected Collages & Interview

Selected Interview: John Stezaker, by Ben Luke

BL: What’s the origin of your surname?

JS: Viking. The name Sterzaker is listed in the Domesday book as residents of a place of the same name in Lancashire, which is now a ghost town (aker meaning acre or area of land). 1,241 more words